Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler Breakup! What Happened?

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Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler call it quits with a long Instagram caption and an explanation video.
Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler
Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler (Image Source: Los Angeles Times)

Jo Koy is one sort of a renowned personality who rose to fame with his inevitable stand-up comedy. To this date, the comical roles he has portrayed are ineffable to interpret into actual words. 

Shows like Chelsea Lately, Live at Gotham, Comic View, and many more have significantly contributed to his colossal career. Despite the professional upliftment, Koy's personal life has yet to relish the flavors of flourishment and love.

Certain adversities created hindrances in his love life which reportedly shattered into pieces. Before we dive into the details, look at a short briefing of the comedian. 

Who Is Jo Koy? Insights on His Early Life

The stand-up comic personality was born on June 2, 1971, in Tacoma, Washington, United States. He was born to parents Josie Harrison and John C. Herbert. Koy's father worked for the United States Air Force in the Philippines, where he first landed his eyes upon his beautiful Filipino mother, Harrison.

Koy's family eventually moved to the United States, where he was grown and was nurtured. Academically, he studied at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. However, he dropped out as his interests encircled the field of stand-up comedy.

He wished to focus more on this line, and he never really stopped afterward. Koy kept on pondering deeply, and we all know the place he has established himself by now. Well, as of 2022, his age is fifty-one years old already.

These many years but the comedian has continued accomplishing heights of success. His career has always been a matter of discussion to many but what else catches the attention of the people around him is his love story.

Well, the stand-up comedian had a time when he fell in love. And the question arises if that sort of love is still intact or not. Let us now find out. 

Why Did Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler Break Up?

But, unfortunately, this love story did not travel long as their breakup was announced a bit too soon. 

On July 18, 2022, Chelsea left a long caption on her post while rejoicing about all the good moments spent together with Koy. She announced that, at the moment, it would be great for them to part ways as a couple and stay as great friends as they were before.

In this post of hers, she acknowledged Koy as someone who revived her faith in men and how respectful he was. They chose to break up because of their willingness to focus on themselves and their career a bit more.

Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler
Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler remains good friend ( Source: PEOPLE )

She mentioned how they would stay great friends forever and would wish to see support from people all around despite the sudden consequences. They have recently started focusing on their careers and are garnering a heft sum while setting milestones.

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Is Jo Koy Married? Details on His Past Marriage

The answer to this question, unfortunately, is no. Koy is not married to anyone at the moment. The stand-up comedian's love life first garnered the public eye and attention when he got married to a Filipino-American singer and artist named Angie King.

The two met during Koy's professional life struggles and initial years. The exact date of their getting along has yet to come to light. Reportedly, they got married not long after dating each other. 

But, unfortunately, due to unsaid consequences, the couple decided to pave their way apart in 2013. They also shared a son together named Joseph. A beautiful family was prospering, but one day, the headlines of them getting divorced list up on the Internet. The reasons are unsaid, but they parted on the condition of looking after their child equally.

Koy also aids his ex-wife with a handsome sum for Joseph's nurturing. Despite the divorce, both of them respect each other and are on good terms too. Koy's ex-wife even wished him a happy birthday on his 50th while acknowledging him as her best friend. The statement clarifies that they still have immense respect for each other. 

Both Koy and his ex-wife have moved on from their lives. King is reportedly dating Gino Perez. Likewise, people are curious if Koy has one too. A year back, people also slammed him with some gay rumors.

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Who Is Jo Koy Dating Now? Spotted With a Mystery Woman

As of 2022, the comedian is not dating anyone at the moment, but the rumors of him dating a new woman have left everyone curious. Back in September 2022, Koy was spotted getting cozy with a mystery woman during a picnic date in Pacific Palisades. The comedian was dressed casually for the date, wearing a black and red-checkered flannel and a pair of black jeans.  

Jo Koy's new man
Jo Koy spotted with a lady ( Source: Daily Mail )

Some sources also say they shared a few kisses before settling down on the grass. Furthermore, we can see some of their snaps easily on the Internet. So, it can be said that he may be single at the moment. 

However, after his divorce from his ex-wife, Koy got into a relationship with Chelsea Handler, a comedian on one of his shows, Chelsea Lately. The show had been running for a long time, and the co-stars worked together for about twenty years. They had a really close relationship with each other.

Handler even admitted that between 2007-2014, she could have emerged romantic feelings for him, but she kept them suppressed as he was a committed man. 

Chelsea sending love to Jo Koy ( Source: Daily Mail )

However, after Koy's divorce, the two's bond started getting closer; that is how a romantic story began. Their story got public in September 2021 when Chelsea posted a picture of her and Koy kissing on her Instagram handle. The fans were responsive to all the good and heart-warming messages for them.

But this beautiful bond ended before they could mark their first-ever anniversary of togetherness.