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Joel Beeson

Joel Beeson, the charming heartthrob from the TV show "Friends," died on October 18, 2017, in Galax, Virginia, the United States, due to poor health. When he debuted in an early episode of Season 2 of "Friends," the tall and beautiful cowboy drew much attention. Joel dressed up as "The Hombre Man" and wore a black cowboy outfit and a hat. He happened to be Joey's coworker at a perfume shop, where the two battled to spray perfume on more customers. Despite being a short operation, Joel's presence remains intact for the dedicated "Friends" watchers, who can't get enough of his appeal.

Joel Beeson Wiki, Age

On September 13, 1966, Joel Daniel Beeson was born in Winston Salem, North Carolina. At the time of his death, Joel was 51 years old. Joel was raised by his mother and father, Daniel Fariss Beeson and Nancy Banks Beeson.

joel beeson
Joel Beeson (Source: vaughanguynnandmcgrady)

Joel was a representative for men's cologne – an interesting connection given that one of his most famous cameos would be as "The Hombre" in a FRIENDS episode, combating Joey for control of a big department store's men's fragrance section –, as well as a former Chippendales' dancer. He has roles in shows like "High Society," "California Dreams," and "Baywatch Nights," as well as the aforementioned "Friends" episode and "Columbo." "Death Becomes Her" is one of her film appearances.

Death And Funeral

On October 18, 2017, Joel Beeson died in Twin County Regional Hospital, Galax, Virginia, USA., after being diagnosed with Type III Severe Von Willebrand's disease. Rev. Kevin Campbell officiated at the funeral ceremony on October 21, 2017, at 1:00 PM at Vaughan-Guynn-McGrady Chapel. The Vinson/Beeson Family Cemetery was where he was laid to rest. Before the funeral ceremony, the family received friends at the funeral home from 12:00 to 1:00 PM on Saturday. Donations were made to charities of people's choosing instead of flowers or food for the family. Vaughan-Guynn-McGrady Chapel was serving the family.

What Was The Cause Of Joel Beeson's Death?

Joel Beeson's death was attributed to his decreasing well-being during his final days on Earth. Beeson was diagnosed with Severe Von Willebrand's Disease Type III. The problem is a hereditary blood-clotting disorder that leads to failed blood platelets and uncontrollable bleeding episodes. He needed a liver transplant after cirrhosis of the liver induced by this sickness caused his spleen to kill more platelets and blood cells. As a result, Joel, who had become a well-known figure within the company, spent his final days in intensive medical care. On Wednesday, October 18, 2017, the actor passed away at Twin County Regional Hospital.

Who Was Joel Besson's Wife?

Until his untimely death in 2017, Joel Beeson was a happily married guy who loved his family. According to his obituary, he is survived by his partner Beth and his daughter, Haley Alexis Beeson. The surviving Beeson family has stayed out of the spotlight, although they appreciate Beeson's contributions to the company.

Movies and Tv Shows Appearance Of Joel Beeson

Joel's first television appearance was in 1987 as a participant in "The New Hollywood Squares," which is a far less well-known fact. According to his IMDb page, the Hombre Man's first film was 1991's "Death Becomes Her," in which he played Lisle's Body Guard for a little time. He pulled out of performing the following year after his big role in "Friends," with "High Society" being his final mission.

The cast of "Friends" reunited for "Friends: The Reunion," a comedic documentary whose six main characters reflected on the ten-year series. His fandom peaked after his appearance on "Friends," He was known as a handsome man. Joel's presence remains intact for the dedicated "Friends" watchers, although they can't recover from his attractiveness, even though the performance is brief. 

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Joel In Friends (Source: gettyimages)

Joel, who played the role of "The Hombre Man," is one of the many current characters who died after the series ended. Despite a brief appearance, his portrayal of Todd continues to be remembered by many viewers in the year 2022.