What Happened to Joseph Quinn? Is He Making a Comeback in Stranger Things Season 5?

Joseph Quinn

Joseph Quinn is one such actor who has accomplished himself as one sort of an actor who has achieved flamboyance in the entertainment industry. He has marked his significant presence in iconic series like Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Dickensian, and a lot more.

The roles he portrays in each stay so vivid in everyone's reminiscences. Eddie Munson is one such portrayal of his that carries eminence. 

However, recently fans noticed a sudden behavioral change in Quinn after he appeared at the comic-con USA. The actor cried there and the reason behind has been keeping fans wondering.

What Happened to Joseph Quinn?

Descending from the entertainment industry while carrying over bundles of expectations and responsibilities over the shoulder is not easy. Quinn is one such personality who never sets back from flaunting an alluring smile despite the adversities.

But this time things were different. The always happy and charming personality shed a tear at the comic-con USA. The video of him crying went viral on all different social media platforms. 

The netizens started creating assumptions on their own. Many reported that he was being treated badly by the staff and members of the comic con that was responsible to make him cry.

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Did Comic-Con USA Treat Him Badly?

The answer to this is a no. Do not go with the sporadic rumors that were ignited by people. Quinn has never said that he was being treated badly. He cried because he was overwhelmed by the love he was garnering from his fans.

That day, one of his fans rose and showered him with sweetening words making him realize how valued and worthy he is to everyone. She added that Eddie Munson in Stranger Things Season 4 is one such role that is impeccable yet delusional. 

And no one could have done it better than him. Moreover, the fan also made him realize that the amount of hate he gets is just not what he deserves instead he deserves the whole world. 

Hearing such words of comfort, the actor got emotional and he just could not hold back his tears. Whether it be Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram, all of the platforms are swamped with love and appreciation from the people all around.

People added on how Eddie Munson is a powerful character they all admire, but Joseph Quinn is someone they love even more. It is all because of how humbled and down-to-earth he is in real life.

Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson
Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson (Image Source: Digital Spy)

The emotional meltdown of the actor crossed the hearts of all his admirers. Well, the question encircling the reason behind Quinn's tears might have been answered to you by now.

However, the other question that keeps the people still quenched is regarding Eddie Munson's comeback in Stranger Things Season 5.

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Is Eddie Munson Making a Comeback in Stranger Things Season 5?

Eddie Munson was one sort of powerful character in Stranger Things Season 4 that grasped so much attention from the viewers. The role he portrayed had a blend of different emotions. 


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But nobody was ready for the saddening end Eddie Munson was supposed to undergo soon after. The writers had indulged an unfortunate fate in Eddie Munson that he ended up with a tragic ending. 

To this, fans were furious. It is because they had been expecting this character portrayed by Quinn in the upcoming seasons too. However, the story ending his chapter soon made the audience rage up and they initiated a petition to bring him back. 

If this petition strengthens and catches the eyes of the producers, they might change their minds regarding Eddie Munson's comeback. But unfortunately, we can not rely on that.

When Quinn was asked about this directly, he replied, 

I was kind of gutted I was only there for one season but to be part of it in any capacity is still pretty great. 

He does sound a little heavy here but he seems as if he would love to make a comeback in the upcoming storyline. Whatever the outcome is, all of this proves how dexterous his role as Eddie Munson was.

People are literally signing up petitions for him and what could an actor be more proud of. However, if fate takes our side, it is likely for him to mark his presence in the upcoming series. 

Thus, Joseph Quinn through his portrayals ruptured the heart of a hefty mass and that is what matters at the end of the day. If any update on his possible comeback comes up we take the responsibility to keep you updated.