Reason Behind Josh Gates’ Illness: Why Was He Hospitalized?

Josh Gates

Josh Gates is quite a renowned Television personality and presenter descending from the United States of America.

Born on August 10, 1977, in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, makes him age forty-five as of 2022.

Professionally, he has acclaimed a certain height but academically too he is a graduate of Boston University. His academic achievement kind of amplifies his overall personality. 

However, unlike his professional and academic track, his personal life is not as smooth. His relationships and married life has been quite on a rough track.

Likewise, his health problems too, have been creating a hindrance to his smooth career track. 

Keep on reading to run across a detailed description relative to his wife, illness, married life, divorce, and furthermore.

Who is Josh Gates Married To?

Gates was married to his wife Hallie Gnatovich in 2014. The two met on the sets of Destination Unknown and eventually the love amid the two started to inflow. 

They started dating, hanging out a bit often, and after exchanging a special bond, the two got married on September 13, 2014. 

They exchanged the wedding vows low-key with only a few invited guests. As a married couple, their life was pretty much on a smooth track.

Josh Gates with his former wife
Josh Gates with his former wife (Source: Legit)

The husband and wife even had children together. Per the public eye, they stood out as a perfect yet ideal married couple. 

Things were pretty fine until one day in 2021, his wife who is now an ex-wife, made a post on her Instagram handle announcing their decision of getting a divorce. 

The actual announcement was made in August, and the reasons have never really been specified or clarified. Several portals have different analogies and perceptions regarding their split but nothing can be confirmed unless they do. 

On July 13, 2021, the once-married couple officially signed the paper of divorce. 

Despite choosing separate pathways for each other, they still retain quality time for their children and that is probably the best part of their married journey. 

Gates does pretty much seem like a tough personality who can endure such minor issues. But, no, this gentleman has undergone some horrible things in life.

He underwent a chronic illness, was hospitalized, and much more. Let us now dive into the details. 

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Why Was Josh Gates Hospitalized?

Gates developed a chronic illness after he had bat feces-infested food included in his diet. After he was done with his daring shoots, he started experiencing some severe pain in the abdomen.

Josh Gates hospitalized due to illness
Josh Gates was hospitalized due to illness (Source: Instagram)

Afterward, he was taken to the hospital, and the actor had to be hospitalized in order to get progressive in his health issues. 

This happened somewhere around 2018. The major cause of the situation getting critical and him getting hospitalized was because of the consumption of open food that eventually led him to get hospitalized. 

His illness was named rotavirus. The actor stayed hospitalized for a pretty long time and as the illness got better he got back to his daily routine. 

Since then, not much of a serious illness has been identified in him. 

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What is Josh Gates Allergic To?

According to a Twitter post of his, Gates is allergic to hedera helix. It is also named English ivy. 

This sort of allergy has been quite rarely detected and Gates, unfortunately, falls under the count of rare people. 

This allergy too has been the reason behind him getting hospitalized time and again.

However, the situation has never gotten chronic or fatal to him. 

Despite multiple consequences undergoing in his life, the actor has never stopped thriving for more. He is a celebrated personality who acquires a hefty net worth of $3 million as per Celebrity Net Worth

Split with wife, chronic illness, hospitalized multiple times, but he still radiates positivity amid his audience. This trait of his is what makes him loved and cherished by many.