Eveything You Need To Know About Booksmart Star's Kaitlyn Dever Boyfriend, Dating, Parents, Net Worth

Kaitlyn Dever

Kaitlyn Dever is an up-and-coming actress with an impressive resume. She has been a part of blockbuster movies like Booksmart and Dear Evan Hansen. She is also a star of the upcoming retelling of Romeo and Juliet called Rosaline. 

She is taking Hollywood by storm at the young age of 24. Her career took off after she portrayed the main role in the television series called Last Man Standing. She also got the recurring role of Eve Baxter in the first six seasons of the 2011 show.

She is also a model as well as an Instagram influencer apart from being an actor. Her personal life has intrigued many fans following her successful Hollywood career. 

Who Is Kaitlyn Dever Dating?

She has not disclosed many details about her personal life like many stars. Her social media does not have any hint of romantic interests. Her Instagram mostly features her sister or friends. However, she is rumored to be dating her co-star Ben Platt from Dear Evan Hansen.

Her rumored boyfriend is an American actor, singer, and songwriter. He has acted in movies like The Flash and Pitch Perfect. The rumor started when Ben wrote Love u in her comment section. He was openly dating Noah Galvin before he was linked to her.

It is hard to say whether he is bisexual or just gay experimenting with various sexual orientations. Some other rumors say that Ben and Kaitlyn are just friends and Ben is still with Noah. Neither of the three has provided any sort of clarification in this matter whatsoever.

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Kaitlyn Dever Boyfriend

She was linked to Ansel Elgort back in 2014. Most people recognize Ansel from the movie West Side Story.  However, these rumors were never confirmed. The two had worked together on the movie Men, Women & Children as a couple.

Is Kaitlyn Dever Married?

Kaitlyn appears to be a happy single life. She has been engaged on several buzzy upcoming projects lately. It seems like she is too busy to be in a relationship for now. Hence, she is not married and does not have a husband in 2021.

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Kaitlyn Dever Parents

She was born on 21 December of the year 1996 in Phoenix, Arizona. She was born to her parents Tim Dever and Kathy Dever. Her parents also have two more daughters other than her, Mady Dever and Jane Dever. She had a keen interest in the performing arts from the age of 5.

Her parents sent her to an acting school to cultivate her passion. They have also trained their daughter in gymnastics, ballet, and skating until she focused on acting full time. The Dever family shifted to Dallas when she was quite young. 

Kaitlyn adores her parents for their support:

My parents never pushed me away from acting — they never pushed us away from doing anything that we truly wanted to do or that we were passionate about

She has also mentioned that her father was a voiceover artist. His work every day was inspiring for little Kaitlyn and she fell in love with performing. Her mother Kathy was an ice skater according to some online sources,

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Net Worth

Kaitlyn used to be worth $3 million last year. In 2021 however, her net worth has gone up. She is now worth an estimated figure of $4 million. Her fortune is growing rapidly in a very short interval. Fans might witness even more growth in her career and wealth in the future.

Was She In Modern Family?

She has also been a part of the hit television show, Modern Family. She was brilliant in the portrayal of Bianca Douglas in the series. She was seen in the ninth episode of the first season that was aired back in 2009. She was 13 years old when she worked as a child artist in the show.

Her character Bianca was the crush of another character Manny from school. She is going to be at Luke's birthday party in the plot of the episode "Fizbo". He also finally finds a way to impress Bianca played by Kaitlyn.