Is TikTok Star Kat Stickler Pregnant Again? Inside Her Dating Life

By Deepesh
Find out if Kat Stickler is pregnant again or not.
Kat Stickler
Kat Stickler (Image Source: Instagram)

Kat Stickler is a famous TikTok star who has gained massive fan followings on her social media handles. Stickler is famous for sharing interesting content on her pages. 

As we know, she is the mother of a child, and the TikTok star has already opened up about her pregnancy story, which helped her get more into the spotlight. Recently, Stickler also did a Q&A on her YouTube channel, where she opened up about how she became pregnant. Not only that, but in the respective video, Stickler talked about her sharing the news with her mother.

When the video was posted on YouTube, it instantly garnered people's attention. So, some of them got confused that she was again pregnant and might be expecting another baby. If you are one of them, keep reading this article till the end.

Is TikTok Star Kat Stickler Pregnant Again?

As said earlier, Kat Stickler shared her pregnancy story recently by posting a video on YouTube. Due to that, fans thought that Stickler might be expecting another child.

However, there is no fact about it, as Stickler is not pregnant. In that video, she shared her past story. As of now, Stickler is not pregnant, and she is not having a second baby. Meanwhile, the TikTok star may give some updates about it if she gets pregnant in the coming years. Now, let's move on to the video shared by Kat Stickler regarding pregnancy.

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Kat Stickler Did Pregnancy Q&A on YouTube

On November 1, 2022, Kat Stickler posted a video on YouTube with the title, "PREGNANCY Q&A!!! Answering your questions... | Kat Stickler." The video starts with the introduction of Stickler's best friend, Zeni. At the beginning of the video, Stickler also says that Zeni has a baby. In the same way, Stickler said that Zeni got pregnant two months after she was pregnant with her baby girl, MK.

So, the Q&A started with Zeni reading the first question, "How did you find out that you were pregnant." Stickler immediately answered, "I peed on the stick." Also, Zeni did the same. After that, Stickler made it more clear by sharing the story.

Stickler went to the bathroom to do a pregnancy test as she didn't believe it at first as the TikTok star had used contraceptives. Despite that, it was clear that Stickler was pregnant. So, she broke down and called her mother. Her mother also didn't believe her and said, "I just took a sleeping pill; please, I cannot think about this before I go to bed." After that, she hung up. 

After that, it was Zeni's turn and talk about her pregnancy story. In this way, the 13 minutes and 14 seconds video continues, which we can watch on Kat's YouTube channel. It has gained more than 25k views.

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Who Is Kat Stickler Dating Now? Married & Divorce

The famous TikTok personality Kat Sticker is currently single, and there is no record of her having a boyfriend. Also, none of her social media posts hints at her being involved in a romantic affair.

Besides that, Stickler was married in the past to her ex-husband, Mike Stickler. The former pair began dating in early 2019. Later, the couple moved in together, and we could also see their videos on TikTok and YouTube.

And by March 2019, they became a married couple and began sharing the relationship of a husband and a wife. In the course of their marriage, they had a child. Their first child, a daughter named MK, was born on November 15, 2019. The family of three was doing well, and they were happy.

Later, it was revealed that Stickler and her ex-husband broke up in early 2021. And in March 2021, both of them admitted the truth about their divorce. Both of them is now happy in their own life.