Who Is Dubai Bling’s Kris Fade’s First Wife, Marianne Argy? Did They Have Kids Together?

By Deepesh
Kris Fade is a cast of Dubai Bling, who is now married to Mexican-American Brianna.
Kris Fade
Kris Fade (Image Source: Twitter)

Kris Fade is a renowned Australian radio host and television personality who made rounds on the internet when he appeared in Netflix's Dubai Bling. It is the Netflix show that lets us into the lives of some of the richest citizens of the City of Gold, Dubai.

Meanwhile, the show has got cast members from different nations, including California, London, Lebanon, and India. So, Fade is one of the show's casts, which quickly became a fan favorite. He is a radio host and an entrepreneur who arrived in the UAE about 14 years ago with $3500 USD in his pocket.

But now, he is one of the richest figures whose net worth is pretty massive. In the show, he appears together with his beloved wife, Brianna. Here are more facts about Fade's life.

Facts About Kris Fade

Full Name Kris Fade
Nationality Australian & Lebanese
Father George Fahd
Mother Gilda Fade
Birthdate February 27, 1980
Kids Two (Zahra and Ariani)
Wife Marianne Argy (first), Brianna Fade (now)

Meet Kris Fade's First Wife, Marianne Argy

The 42-years-old television personality was initially married to Marianne Argy, and she is his first wife. Dubai Bling's viewers are confused and are saying that Brianna might be his first wife.

But we know that Marianne is his first wife. However, Fade has kept the details regarding his previous marriage far from the public domain and has not talked much about it in the media, due to which we are unable to share much info.

It can be said that they were married for some years and divorced. Now, both of them are happy with their own lives as they are already settled. A report by Reality Titbit shows that Marianne remarried after separating from Kris and is also reported to reside in Dubai.

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Kris Fade & His First Wife Has Two Kids

Kris Fade and his ex-wife are the parents of two kids, both daughters. When they were married, the former pair also welcomed two children named Zahra and Ariani.

Their first child, Zahra, is 12 years while the second one, Ariani, is 10. Fade shares a strong bond with both kids, and he often shares images of them on his Instagram handle, where we can find him as @krisfade.

Apart from that, Fade is now married to Brianne Fade, and they are still together. So, let's explore their married life now.

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Who Is Kris Fade Now Married To?

Well, Kris Fade is now happily married to his girlfriend-turned-wife, Brianne Fade. The duo reportedly met on Instagram and clicked right away. Around the time in 2015, their relationship was made official.

After dating each other for three years, the pair thought of getting married, and Kris took the first step by proposing to Brianna in 2019. After that, they began preparing for the wedding. Like many couples, the Fade couple also faced some problems in their relationship.

After eight years of being together, they got married in March. Their marriage ceremony was held lavishly, which was also attended by their Dubai Bling cast mates. As of now, they don't have any kids. However, the duo might be planning to begin a family in the future. Now, both of them are focusing on their job and is also busy making money.

What Is Kris Fade’s Job? Find His Net Worth

Kris Fade has amassed a massive amount of money from his job as a radio presenter, TV Host, MC, Brand Ambassador, Reality TV Star, Musician, and Entrepreneur. So, we can say that Fade has a net worth in the six figures.

On the other side, his wife has also taken home decent cash. The Fade couple is estimated to have a net worth of around $1.2 million.