Who Is Kristen Zang’s Husband? Explore Her Married and Dating Life

Kristen Zang

Kristen Zang is a former model and actress hailing from the United States of America. Zang was widely known for her work in the 90s. Being a former model, Zang worked with various brands.

Furthermore, Zang has been featured in countless ad campaigns and magazines. Apart from being a model, Zang also has some experience working as an actress. In 1998, she made her debut after starring as Jenny in All My Friends Are Cowboys.

Her other roles can be seen in Dharma & Greg, Love & Sex, Hollywood, Raw Deal, and Opposite Day. Apart from getting famous for her professional life, Zang got more into media prominence after dating Leonardo DiCaprio for some time. Currently, fans are concerned about her current life, which we've discussed in detail.

Married Life: Who Is Kristen Zang's Current Husband?

Starting with her current married life, Kristen Zang is said to be happy with her husband named, Shea Dale. Some online sources say that Zang leads a happy married life with her beloved husband, Shea.


My love. Posted by Kristen Zang on Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Likewise, Zang met her husband in 2012, and after two years of dating, the pair thought of taking their relationship to the next level. So, Zang and Shea got married in 2014. Together with her husband, Zang lives in Oregon.

Despite that, there is no record of Zang having children with her husband. Apart from that, her husband, Shea, is a professional constructor. So, they are now happy. Apart from that, Zang had some affairs in the past.

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Kristen Zang's Relationship Timeline With Leonardo DiCaprio

As we know, Kristen Zang got more into media prominence after dating the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Zang and DiCaprio's relationship was one of the hot topics in the 90s, and their bond was also loved by many.

Apart from being in a romantic relationship, they were friends for even longer. A report given by PEOPLE shows that Zang and DiCaprio met when they were 19 years old. However, they started dating after turning 21. When they were dating each other, Zang and DiCaprio appeared in various events together.

Kristen Zang and Leonardo DiCaprio
Kristen Zang and Leonardo DiCaprio together in a frame ( Source: StyleCaster )

They were together when DiCaprio was reaching the heights of fame. Despite that, the lovebirds split briefly in 1997. However, their love was not over, as they reconciled shortly after. Meanwhile, just four days after Zang's 25th birthday, both of them parted away and chose their own way, and their relationship was over.

Not to mention, DiCaprio was dating, but Camila Morronethey recently broke up. People on the internet are trolling, but Zang has slammed the trolls for the negative comments.

More on Kristen Zang's Dating Life

Apart from dating Leonardo DiCaprio, Kristen Zang also had a romantic affair with Nicolas Cage. They reportedly began their romance in 1983. They not only dated but were also engaged.

Kristen Zang and Nicolas Cage
Kristen Zang and Nicolas Cage dated in the past ( Source: Go Fug Yourself )

However, their engagement couldn't turn into marriage as Zang and Cage separated later around in 1994. Not much is known about Zang's dating life with Cage. Apart from that, Zang is now married to her husband and is also busy with her life making money.

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Take a Look at Her Net Worth

According to Showbiz Corner, Kristen Zang is now living in the countryside of Oregon. She is also reported to be managing her own company Emma Lou's Homemade Kitchen, a gourmet, handmade dog food company with her partner. So, it can be said that Zang is making a good amount of money from her business.

However, the actual amount of Zang's net worth remains under review. Besides, her husband also has his own business. So, the pair surely lives a quality life as they are taking home a decent profit.