Who Is Kyle Forgeard Girlfriend Alyssa Kulani? Untold Truths About Relationships

Kyle Forgeard

Kyle Forgeard is a Canadian YouTuber, comedian, entrepreneur, and social media personality who gained people's attention through the YouTube channel NELK. From this channel, Forgeard shares various engaging content that many people love. Forgeard shares videos alongside Jesse Sebastiani. 

Moreover, their most viral video became Coke Prank on Cops, and the channel has earned 7.54 million subscribers. Moreover, his popularity has gradually increased across different platforms due to his exquisite and relatable content. For your information, his YouTube career started in July 2010 when he and Jesse Sebastiani co-founded the YouTube channel named NELK.

Apart from being famous on YouTube, Forgeard is also popular on other social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. So, Forgeard has gained massive fan followings worldwide. Besides that, people often ask questions related to his love life as he is linked romantically with fellow YouTube star Alyssa Kulani.

Who Is Kyle Forgeard's Girlfriend?

As of now, Kyle Forgeard appears to be leading a single life, and there is no record of him dating anyone. So, Forgeard does not have a girlfriend. Also, the entertainer has not talked anything about his love life in the media, from which it can be said that he prefers to keep his personal matter away from the public domain.

Kyle Forgeard and Pauline Jackson
Kyle Forgeard with Pauline Jackson ( Source: Instagram )

So, as far as anyone can tell, Forgeard is currently single, and he is also recognized for keeping his relationship private, but at the time of this post, it seems quite clear that, Forgeard has embraced his solitary life and is focused on himself and his career. Despite keeping his love life private, he has been linked with a lady, and many people speculated that he is dating a girlfriend.

So, let's get to know more about his relationship with his rumored girlfriend.

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Kyle Forgeard's Relationship With His Rumored Girlfriend

As said earlier, Kyle Forgeard is known to keep his love life away from the media. Despite being distant, he has been linked with fellow YouTube content creator Alyssa Kulani. The rumors sparked when people noticed many posts of them hanging together in different places.

On July 26, 2022, Forgeard posted some images on his Instagram handle along with his other friends, and in the post, we can see him together with his rumored girlfriend too. In the same way, Kulani has collaborated with Nelk and Andrew Tate. 

Kyle Forgeard and Alyssa Kulani
Kyle Forgeard and Alyssa Kulani together in a frame ( Source: Instagram )

A Reddit user also asked about Forgeard and Kulani's relationship saying, "Why do you think Alyssa is hiding her relationship with Kyle Forgaurd from NELK." But the rumored couple has kept their mouth closed and has not opened up yet. So, it can't be confirmed whether Forgeard and Kulani are dating or not. 

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More on Kyle Forgeard's Dating Life

Just like his professional life, Kyle Forgeard's dating life has also been a matter of concern to many. The YouTube star has shared many snaps with his female pals, and some of his followers have also thought that he may be in a relationship with one of them.

But till now, there is no confirmed relationship with him. Not only that, but Forgeard does not open up about his love life with the media. Due to this, we can say that he may be prioritizing his career at this time. However, Forgeard may give some hints about his affairs in the future as his followers keep asking it.

So, to revamp his ongoing lifestyle, we can follow Forgeard on Instagram, where he is verified as @kyle.