Laura Vandervoort’s Relationship With Boyfriend Turned Sour Before Getting Married! Who Is She Dating Now?

Laura Vandervoort

Laura Vandervoort, a Canadian actress has had her name enlisted in the top charts of the entertainment industry. She has been marking prominence here for years of persistence and dedication.

In addition, she is also a well-established producer and writer who has made contributions to a variety of different tv shows and movies. 

The Bolt-Gun Killer is one of the most recognized movies of her. The way she has been marking voluble reminiscences while descending from such a competitive world is quite impeccable.

Her colossal career has stayed as a subject of discussion to many, but what still keeps her fans quenched with curiosities is her personal life issues. 

Aspects relevant to her married life, husband, wife, and much further have been discussed beneath.

Who Is Laura Vandervoort Dating?

Well, Vandervoort's love life has always been a heated topic of discussion. For now, the actress is single and is rejoicing in her life as so.

She does not really have a boyfriend as per the reports and even if she does, none of the information has come under revelation. 

After some devastating yet failed relationships, she might not have been looking forward to tying up in love again. Her relationships have encountered a series of twists and turn to make them even more complicated. 

While taking things pretty aback, she has had three relationships so far. 

Let us now dive into her relationship timeline which will pretty much open up her entire dating history. 

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Laura Vandervoort's Past Relationships

As mentioned earlier, she has had three past relationships enlisted so far. 

Initially, she was reported to have engaged with her former boyfriend Corey Sevier. The exact date since when they started their journey as lovers are yet to come up.

However, their relationship is stated to not have lasted further than a year. From 2010-2011 they stayed bound in a relationship but afterward without disclosing the reason they broke up.

Again, in 2012 she started dating Michael Rosenbaum. Reports verify that the lovers hooked up that year and then started dating.

However, this relationship too was not really meant to be and the two ended things up with a split within a year of dating, in 2013. 

Eventually, she crossed paths with Oliver Trevena whom she viewed as her soulmate. 

They started dating somewhere around 2013, Trevena even proposed to her for marriage to the actress and answered him with a yes.

They got engaged and the news went sporadic when she flaunted her diamond ring online.

Their fans were pretty much excited to witness the adorable boyfriend and girlfriend walk down the aisle as husband and wife.

But, the dreams of them getting married seen by the audience went down after their devastating breakup. 

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Why Did Laura Vandervoort and Oliver Trevena Not End Up as a Married Couple?

So, the answer to this still stays a mystery.

The relationship between the couple was going pretty well with expectations aroused amid the hearts of all their well-wishers.

Laura Vandervoort with her former boyfriend Oliver Trevena
Laura Vandervoort with her former boyfriend Oliver Trevena (Source: Daily Mail)

But, at the last moment, when they dreamt of getting married while walking down the aisle as husband and wife, things turned down. 

The exact reason behind the split has never been talked about, but a certain time after the split the actress left a post on her Instagram with a cryptic message that stated "loyal."

That term was assumed to be dedicated to her former boyfriend who was supposedly meant to turn into her husband.

So, after the post she dropped, pretty much of the people started drawing conclusions stating that probably the duo split because of Trevena cheating on her at the end moment. 

With all of the past experiences turning her perception sour in relationships, the actress has not yet opened up her viewpoint on dating and finding a boyfriend. or getting married to someone.