Laura Whitmore: Secret Behind Her Massive Weight Loss Journey!

Laura Whitmore posing

Laura Whitmore is a London-based Irish, model, TV and radio representative, entertainer, and actor. Beginning her work with MTV as a video jockey, she recently appeared on Bake Off as a participant and is known for her unscripted TV shows like Survival of the Fittest.

Advancing, Love Island UK as her side project, she is now trending and a topic of her weight loss, dating, husband, and more about Love Island. Laura Whitmore has her fantastic progress and shares it with us! Want to know more about it? Keep reading. 

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Laura Whitmore: Wiki, Age

An entertainer and a TV host was born on May 4, 1985, and had started her career based in London as an MTV video jockey. She is now best known as the moderator and creator of one of the best TV shows, Love Island UK.

Apart from Love Island she recently even appeared as a candidate on The Great British Bake-off, a TV baking contest program where a bunch of unpracticed culinary specialists and interested contenders compete with each other. Laura Whitmore had amazing progress since she started her career. 

Weight Loss Journey of Laura Whitmore

Laura Whitmore is pretty serious when it comes to diet, workout, and her overall health. Whether she is performing on camera, doing an exercise, or running her daily errands. Laura believes that one should practice digital detox and should be concerned about their thoughts, and overall wellbeing. 

Laura Whitmore became a mother in April 2021, but even though she manages to keep herself petite, beautiful, and with a healthy body. Whitmore appears to be in amazing shape in her pictures shared on her social media.

Laura Whitmore's Before and After Pictures
Laura Whitmore's Before and After Pictures (Image Source: Dailymail)

She maintains her physique through traditional forms of yoga, running in the morning and consistently maintaining the routine at least four-five times a week. 

What's more interesting is that nothing can keep her away from her healthy regime and diet standards, as even while she is traveling to London, Los Angeles, or Dublin, she travels with her personal instructors.

Whitmore is exemplary yet seen as a role model by many for a reason. She believes in persistence, dedication, and perseverance when it comes to making accomplishments.

While the entire world was busy pointing their fingers at her while fat-shaming, she worked in silence and sealed the lips of all the critical netizens. 

But whatsoever, Laura Whitmore has managed to set an example to all the mothers out there struggling to lose weight and dealing with post-partum insecurities regarding weight loss. 

Despite the world having their fingers raised upon the actress for her physique, she has had this one man who has embraced her the way she is. So, who is he?

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Who Is Laura Whitmore’s Husband?

Laura Whitmore is married to Iain Stirling, who is a voiceover artist for her show. It is believed that the couple got married at Dublin City Hall, in 2020. The duo is frequently seen sharing pictures together on their social media with their baby child, looking all happy and gorgeous.

As for having kids, they have an adorable daughter named Stevie Ré. The husband and wife duo garner their little one with all the love possible. And love is not the only asset the family possess, both husband and wife also flourish along a colossal career. 

Iain Sterling first began his career as a stand-up comedian whilst studying law in his final year at the University of Edinburgh. It is also believed that Whitmore’s husband, Iain reached the finals of both the contests- Paramount Student and the Chortle Student Comedian Of The Year. 

The husband is seen on many comedy gigs and is now a regular on the Uk comedy circuit. The husband-wife duo supports each other, puts up adorable pictures, and showcases their love on their social media handles.