Liz Shanahan Is Married to Her Famous Husband Michael Symon! More About Her Age and Children

Liz Shanahan and Michael Symon

If you love food, then you have probably heard about the famous chef, Michael Symon. He is also a successful chef, restaurateur, and businessman.

But, do you know that Michael Symon’s wife is also a chef, and she has been like a left-hand for Michael in almost all of his ventures? 

Well, there is so much you do not know about Liz Shanahan for you to find out about her. So, if you are eager to learn about Liz’s life, you should keep reading this article. We bring you all near to this very successful chef and wife of Michael Symon 

Liz Shanahan: Biography, Age, Early Life

Liz Shanahan was born and raised in the late ’60s on the 30th March, in Georgia USA.

Since her very early stage of life, Liz Shanahan was fond of food and cooking. Although, there are no details about her childhood and nor did she has been forthcoming in sharing details about her family.

After she graduated from high school she started to look out for jobs in restaurants. 


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At her early stage, Liz Shanahan worked in small restaurants in the US before she got herself a job that would later change her life drastically.

Unexpectedly, She was employed in one of the restaurants in which Michael worked. 

Later, their love grew in a way that they also shared their career and success together. After their marriage, the couple decided to venture together into the culinary business.

Their first restaurant was named- Lola which was opened in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood. The ambiance is quite urban and thriving. 


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In October 2020, the restaurant was also featured in Gourmet magazine as one of America’s Best Restaurants. In the same year, the duo opened another restaurant-Lolita in Cleveland’s downtown.

Since then, Liz and Michael together have opened several many restaurants, including Roast, Mabel’s BBQ, Bar Symon, and B Spot. 

Liz Shanahan and Michael Symon’s Relationship

The pair became first friends and bonded quickly when they started working closely together at their intense jobs. Later, Symon had to move as he found another job at the restaurant. But later, he contacted Shanahan as the restaurant required a manager. 

After work, the couple used to go out for drinks and chill together with friends. The duo later started dating and months later, they moved in together.

Two years after their togetherness, Symon finally popped the big question. They had a pretty normal proposal, as then Michael Symon had to borrow a ring from his friend as he had less money.

But he did put some effort to make it look romantic as he had lined the hallway with balloons that had different notes in them. 


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Since then, they both have remained very strong and kept each other’s boundaries pretty well maintained. They both say they have learned a lot from their relationship 

Liz Shanahan and Michael Symon have a very high sense of connection, communication, and passion for each other. Additionally, the pair have been a tight rope for more than 20 years. 

The marriage was on November 1 and since then their relationship and marriage began to deepen. Michael Symon pretty actively posts remarks and pictures of his wife, Liz Shanahan, and puts cute appreciating comments and captions. 

Well, we all can learn something from their relationship as they call it an adventure. How both the husband and the wife have beautifully been together both personally and professionally.  Also read: Davide Sanclimenti's Job & Net Worth – More on His Dating Life

Liz Shanahan and Michael Symon’s Family

Well, Shanahan and Symon have grown to be now grandparents, in addition to being mom and dad. To begin with, Liz Shanahan has had a kid from her previous marriage named Kyle Shanahan, who was six years old when Shanahan and Symon started dating. 


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After they got married in 1998, the couple extended their family. They both have persuaded to create many profitable restaurants and by looking at them, Kyle was also satisfied to pursue his culinary interests. 

Now, Kyle is a businessman, a proud husband, and a proud father of two young children. He married a girl named Krista who welcomed their daughter Amy as their first child in 2018.


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Later, kyle had a son named, Butch, as his second child in 2021. Michael Symon and Liz Shanahan enjoy being grandparents and infrequently share their candid pictures on social media. 

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Liz Shanahan’s Net Worth

Liz Shanahan met her life as well as a business partner in a Cleveland restaurant, and together they have been successful in building an empire, in which she has a share of success. 

According to the sources, it has been estimated that Shanahan’s net worth is over $1 million. Well, with her dedication and perseverance, her wealth will undoubtedly increase in the coming years.