'Love Is Blind' Season 3 : Are Bartise Bowden And Nancy Rodriguez Still Together?

By Deepesh
Netflix series "Love Is Blind" Season 3 In Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden’s first conversation in Episode One, it seemed obvious that the two would get engaged.
Bartise Bowden & Nancy Rodriguez
Bartise Bowden & Nancy Rodriguez

Nancy Rodriguez is a real estate investor who entered Love Is Blind season 3 to find love. Initially, she hits it off with Andrew and Bartise on the show. Besides, Rodriguez serves as a speech pathologist and is no stranger to a long-term relationships, as her longest lasted eight years.

As contestants shared personal information about each other while in the pods, Rodriguez disclosed she was an egg donor in the past. As we know, heartfelt discussions about each other's pasts lead to some beautiful bonds in the first four episodes of Love Is Blind's season 3.

One such earnest discussion took place between Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden. For your information, Bowden is a Senior Analyst at a healthcare company, and he came to Netflix's show looking for a partner with a great sense of humor. So, Love Is Blind viewers are eager to know more about Rodriguez's relationship with Bowden, which we've discussed below.

Love Is Blind Season 3: Nancy Rodriguez's Relationship With Bartise Bowden 

Well, Nancy Rodriguez got into the media prominence after coming in season 3 of Netflix's Love Is Blind. In the show, Rodriguez decided to overlook Bowden's youth, and the two coupled up. Likewise, they share a moment about the number of kids they want to have in the future.

Not to mention, Rodriguez is a little concerned about Bowden's age because he's just 25 to her 31. When Bowden spills the beans about being a younger man, Rodriguez takes a major pause and says she wouldn't usually accept a date from a man that young. 

Now, they are happily engaged, as reported by Women's Health. With that being said, Love Is Blind viewers are now concerned about knowing if the pair are still together or not.

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Are Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden Still Together?

Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden are playing it very close to the vest. At the time of this post, both of them have dodged all of these questions regarding their dating life. So we are unknown whether they are still together or not.

As we know, they follow each other on social media; we can speculate that Rodriguez and Bowden are still together. In the same way, some Love Is Blind viewers are asking if they got married or not. The final episodes and reunion air in early November. So, to know the truth, we should watch the final episode of Netflix's show.

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Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden Struggle With Their Age Gap

Just like their relationship, the curiosity among people regarding Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden's age gap is rising daily. Rodriguez is 32 years old, while Bowden is 27 years old.

In the Netflix show, their age gap was also a hot topic which left many people asking questions about their relationship too. But some of their well-wishers supported the pair by saying age does not matter in love. Some of them also took to social media to talk about their age gap.