Is Malik Yoba Gay? Interesting Facts on His Bio, Marriage and Wife Cat Wilson

Malik Yoba

An American actor and occasionally a singer, Malik Yoba is known for his roles in New York Undercover, a Fox Police drama, and Cool Runnings. He has also appeared in many series such as ‘Alphas’ as Special Agent Bill Harken.

In the movie, Revolution, he also played the role of Jim Hudson and was cast as Vernon Turner in the Empire series.

Malik Yoba is a renowned actor and has successfully made his spot for himself in the film industry through his acting skills.

Well, not only for his talent and several movie roles, but Yoba has also been in the news for various other reasons. Find out by reading more!

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A Brief Wiki of Malik Yoba

Malik Yoba also known as Abdul Malik Kashie Yoba was born in New York City.

Yoba was born on the 17th of September 1967 and e was the fourth kid amongst his 6 other siblings.

His parents are Mahmoudah Young who is also known as Lanier and Abdullah Yoba. Yoba was raised as a Sunni Muslim in East Harlem. 


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Malik Yoba completed his high school education at City-As-School, Manhattan. He also attended Talent Unlimited High School. Yoba, an African-American actor was always interested in acting from a really young age and he was able to seize every opportunity he got to showcase his talent and skills.

Malik Yoba and Cat Wilson’s Marriage

Cat Wilson is Malik Yoba’s wife and they both got married on the 21st of December 2003 in their private ceremony. Cat Wilson is a popular American actress and singer known for her movies and also the wife of Malik Yoba. 

The relationship between Cat and Malik saw the birth of two kids named Josiah Yoba and Pria Yoba.

Although, Yoba also has another daughter named Dena who is from his previous relationship. Malik Yoba and Cat Wilson were together for a couple of years together but they ended their ways.


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On 2010, Malik Yoba and Cat Wilson were separated.

Well, the reasons for their separation came out to be a result of their separate busy schedules as both individuals are focused on their careers. 

While there were also reports that Malik Yoba was seeing another woman while he was still married to Cat Wilson. Well, many suspect that this might be one of the main reasons for the duo to get separated in 2006. 

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Gay and Transgender Women

There have been multiple allegations and reported speculations if Yoba is gay. In 2019, Malik Yoba made a statement telling that he was not gay and he was very attracted to women. 

Malik Yoba addresses his sexuality in an interview with The Morning Culture on V-103 after stating that he was trans-attracted in a viral post. Well, you can listen to what he has to say in the video below.

Well, in 2019, Yoba also disclosed the fact that he is a homosexual guy. And despite being a homosexual man, he was attracted to transgender women of that community.

Well, Yoba has also announced on his social media that he would participate in the National Trans Visibility March in Washington, DC.

Mariah Lopez Ebony, a trans activist alleged Malik Yoba for engaging in an inappropriate paid sexual activity with her when she was just a minor.

Yoba, on the other hand, obviously refused the allegations in an interview with The Root’s studios in 2019.

Yoba denied all the claims Ebony had put forward. Later, Yoba said he does not know Ebony in any way and does not involve in any way. 

Malik Yoba's Net Worth

During his career, he earns a very good salary and good fortune. As of 2022, his net worth is estimated at $4 million from his work/career. He is also known to be one of the well-paid people and has made a name for himself.