Matt Barr Speculated To Be Dating Someone! Is He Gay?

Matt Barr

Matt Barr is a renowned American actor who has been marking prominence in the entertainment industry for decades of being a part of it. But like every actor, he too has been drenched with some unrelated rumors, criticisms, and a lot more. 

The professional embellishments he has marked so far have always been a matter of discussion. However, queries relative to his personal life too have been talked about pretty much these days. 

Rumors and personal life clarifications will be made beneath. But, before let us have a small insight into his brief background. 

Matt Barr's Wiki, Age

Matthew Jerome Barr also popularly known as Matt Barr was born on February 14, 1984, in Allen, Texas, United States of America. He was born to his parents, Mike Barr, a football coach at a few universities, and DeDe Barr, an immensely talented portrait artist. 

Moreover, he also has two younger siblings namely Luke and Sara. Growing up, their life was not as easy as speculated. Once, Sara almost drowned in the sea when her two brothers Matt and Luke saved her. 

Apart from moments like such the siblings also grew up savoring the flavors of joy and compassion over the years. Barr was grown and brought up entirely in Texas alongside their siblings and family.

Matt Barr
Matt Barr (Image Source: Instagram)

Descending from two completely different backgrounds, Barr developed a separate passion for acting from quite a young age. He aspired to become a renowned name in the industry but with a passion as such, he also ensured to not give up on his academics too. 

Amid his high school journey itself, he auditioned for one of the roles to which the impressed director offered him to play one of the lead roles in his next movie, Levelland.

Eventually, his journey started taking off and we all know what he is today. As an actor, he also deals with a plethora of rumors and criticisms from people all around. The headlines they form out of him get sporadic and that is why he gets quenched with questions as such.

The recent question that has been revolving around him is regarding his sexuality. Netizens speculate the actor is gay.

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Is Matt Barr Gay?

Absolutely, not. These are just the headlines created unnecessarily. Not a single fact or clear evidence has been given regarding Barr's sexuality.

There are netizens constantly addressing him as gay but the evidence clearly states that he is straight and committed.

No authentic sources nor the actor himself has made any claims regarding his sexuality. Probably some attention-seekers ignited the gay rumors. So, if he is not gay another question encircling his love life arouses.

There are again assumptions encircling his married life, dating history, and a lot more. Let us now seek clarifications.

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Is Matt Barr Married?

As of July 2022, no, the actor is not married. However, he does have a girlfriend reportedly and he has been dating her recently. Barr is said to be dating Kylie E. Duff. 

The news broke out ever since the actor started posting quite a lot with his soon-to-be wife, on Instagram. He seemed to be unbothered about sharing his relationship and affection publicly.

This relationship of his is speculated by the netizens to work out until marriage. Barr did have certain past relationships too, but none of them seemed as serious and affectionate as this one. 


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His past relationships were rumors too so his being with some other women in the past too is not something to rely upon as the news could be false too. But, his current girlfriend is no cap.

They have been spotted enjoying vacations together while having the time of their lives.

With his hands clenched together with his better half, Barr has also not given up on his dreams. He has been working on a variety of different tv shows and movies recently.

We wish to see him flourish in many of the upcoming projects in 2022.