Maya Rudolph’s Parents: Everything To Know About Bridesmaids’ Actress Musical Mom and Dad

Maya Rudolph

Maya Rudolph is a talented American actress, comedian, and singer who has had an active presence in the industry since 1996. The 50 years old actress has been widely famous for appearing in the movies such as Bridesmaids, Away We Go, The Way Way Back, and Inherent Vice. Due to her mind-blowing performance, Rudolph has won many prestigious awards, including the Primetime Emmy two times.

Besides, Rudolph has also gained a massive fan base. Not to mention, Rudolph comes from a superior family background, as her mom and dad are also in the music industry. Rudolph's professional life is like an open book; some of her fans are not much aware of her family life. So, in today's writing, we will explore details of her family background. Let's meet her parents.

Meet Maya Rudolph's Parents

Born on July 27, 1972, Maya Rudolph was raised by her loving parents Minnie Riperton (mom) and Richard Rudolph (dad), in Gainesville, Florida, U.S. Meanwhile, Rudolph is not only the child of her parents as she was raised along with her older brother named Marc. Marc is four years older than his sister.

When the Rudolph siblings were young, they moved to Los Angeles, California, and they grew up in the Westwood neighborhood. Well, the Rudolph family is engaged in the music industry. For your information, Marc is also a music engineer. Now, let's get to know more about her mom, Minnie Riperton.

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Who Was Maya Rudolph's Mother, Minnie Riperton?

Maya Rudolph's mother, Minnie Riperton, was an American singer-songwriter. She was best known for her 1975 single named Lovin' You. Besides that, Riperton was also noted for her use of the whistle register. Due to that, she has been referred to by the media as the Queen of the Whistle Register.

Besides, Riperton was active in the music industry from 1962 to 1979. Her studio albums are Come to My Garden (1970), Perfect Angel (1974), Adventures in Paradise (1975), Stay in Love (1977), Minnie (1979), and Love Lives Forever (1980). Being one of the most notable personalities of her generation, Rudolph won many awards. 

Minnie Riperton
Minnie Riperton is the late mother of Maya Rudolph ( Source: Genius )

She received a sum of two Grammy nominations. Besides, the whole world was devasted by the death news of Minnie. On July 12, 1976, Minnie passed away after battling cancer. She took her last breath in her husband's arm. 

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Details on Maya Rudolph's Father, Richard Rudolph

Maya Rudolph's dad, Richard Rudolph, is a well-known American songwriter, musician, music publisher, and producer. Since 1966, Richard has been working professionally. Richard began in the music business as a songwriter at Chess Records in 1969.

One of his notable works includes Minnie Riperton's debut solo album, Come to My Garden. On the other hand, his career as a record producer began when he and Stevie Wonder jointly produced Minnie Riperton's second album titled, Perfect Angel

Richard Rudolph
Richard Rudolph is the father of Maya Rudolph ( Source: IMDb )

As of now, Maya's dad has written more than two hundred songs. In the same way, he has worked with many renowned figures, including 2Pac, Michael McDonald, and Jermaine Jackson. Talking about his personal life, Richard was married to Minnie Riperton from August 1970 until her 1979 death.

And on October 20, 1990, Richard tied the knot with jazz singer Kimiko Kasai. Now, the musician lives in Santa Monica and Tokyo.