Meet The Cast Of Netflix's Drama Series 'Along for the Ride'

Along For THe Ride Cast

Based on Sarah Dessen's 2009 novel, Along For The Ride tells the story of an odd friendship between an introverted youngster and a mysterious stranger she encountered before college. Sofia Alvarez, who wrote To All The Boys I Loved Before, makes her directorial debut with Along for the Ride. 

We've collected a list of cast members who appear in the program below.

Emma Pasarow As Auden (Age:24)

Emma Pasarow, a relative newcomer, plays Auden. Pasarow debuted on IMDb in 2012 as "Tween Girl" in an episode of the short-lived series Touch, but she is only now breaking out. A shy teenager at Colby Beach for her final summer before college. She spends her nights exploring the alleys after everyone else has gone to sleep, but her world is twisted when she meets Eli, a mysterious insomniac.


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During summer, Auden is looking forward to having some of the teen fun she missed out on in high school when she visits her father and stepmother. However, after she mistakenly alienates the other teenage females at Colby, she spends time with a fellow outcast Eli, who makes it his purpose to provide her with all of her childhood experiences by completing a huge list of "quests."

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Belmont Cameli As Eli (Age:24)

Belmont is primarily known for portraying Jamie Spano in both seasons of Peacock's Saved by the Bell remake series. In the series, Eli, like Auden, is an outcast. He grew up in Colby, working on bikes and performing BMX stunts. He was on the verge of a promising BMX career when tragedy struck. He now works at a local bike shop and spends his nights alone until he meets Auden, with the two quickly bonding as they engage in different nightly experiences. 


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Kate Bosworth As Heidi (Age:39)

Bosworth's most notable film roles are those in Blue Crush, Beyond the Sea, 21, and Still Alice. In Along For The Ride, Kate Portrays Heidi, Auden's stepmother and Robert's wife, owning a store in Colby and developing a relationship with her stepdaughter. Auden is willing to assist, but she can only stand by and watch her father abandon Heidi to care for their kid for so long.

Laura Kariuki As Maggie (Age: 23)

Laura Kariuki portrays the character of Maggie. Maggie is exactly the opposite of Auden as she has boy drama, is friends with everyone, and is even close with Auden's stepmother because she works at Heidi's shop. Later after a difficult start, Auden and Maggie realize that they might have something in common between them.

Laura Kariuki Along For The Ride
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Dermot Mulroney As Robert (Age:58)

Dermot plays Auden's father, Robert, who resides in Colby and wants to spend more time with his daughter. Auden also idolizes her father, Robert, a professional writer and loves his work more than his family.


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Andie MacDowell As Victoria (Age:64)

Andie MacDowell, a rom-com veteran who has been acting since the 1980s and is best known for her major performances in Sex, Lies, and Videotape, plays Victoria.  Auden was mostly raised by her mother, Victoria, a professor who sees Auden as a mature friend who can talk literature rather than a teenage daughter. Auden's mother isn't happy about her daughter going to Colby to be with her father for the summer. 

Genevieve Hannelius As Lea (Age:23)

Genevieve Hannelius, who began her acting career on the Disney Channel, portrays Lea. Lea is Maggie's best friend and a coworker at Heidi's shop. She enjoys encouraging Auden to be more sociable, and she is eager to learn all the "ins and outs" of her connection with Eli.

Samia Finnerty As Esther (Age:25)

Samia Finnerty, an actress and singer, plays Esther. Esther completes Auden's new pals and coworkers. Esther is a little more awkward than the others, but she connects with Auden and lends a helping hand to the newcomer. In Colby, she's renowned for her slightly rebellious nature and performing the same song at every party.

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Check out the 'Along For The Ride' trailer below: