Mel Harris Has Finally Found Her Perfect Spouse After Five Marriages

Mel Harris

Mel Harris is one of those few artists who has done well in the industry starting from the ground level. She started her career in the entertainment industry as a contestant. Her career has taken off with increasing popularity over the period.

She is best recognized for her portrayal of Hope Murdoch Steadman in the ABC drama series called Thirtysomething. Her performance won her a Golden Globe Award nominee in the year 1990.

Mel has an intriguing life for many people. She has been married a total of six times in her 65 years of life. Many people find this fact about her pretty fascinating. It is not uncommon for Hollywood celebrities to get divorced a few times. But it was the number of her marriages that is interesting.


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Who Is Mel Harris's Sixth Spouse?

Mel Harris got married to Bob Brush on July 27 of the year 2009. Her husband is a screenwriter and a producer. Reportedly, the couple dated for almost two years before tying the knot. She has recently celebrated their 12th marriage anniversary with her sixth spouse.  

She has shared a picture for the glorious occasion. The sand in the post was from the Jersey shore where the couple first exchanged wedding vows twelve years back. Fans are awestruck at the sincerity with which the couple celebrated their courtship.

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She Finally Met Her Perfect Spouse After Five Marriages

She is concerning Bob at the moment and there is no rift in their relationship. Their marriage going pretty well in this relationship as per the posts the actress makes on her social media. It is accurate to assume that Mel finally found her true love in her sixth marriage.


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She is seen enjoying exotic drinks, exploring different places, and having a fun time with her husband, dogs, and puppies in her 60s as of now. She is in a blissful marriage with Bob and it is unlikely that this marriage will end in the same way others did.

Mel Harris Marriages

Mel did not always have a happily married life. In fact, she has found her Mr. Right after six failed marriages. The faith she has in the institution of marriage is amazing. In an interview, she has conveyed her thought about marriage: 

Clearly I believe in marriage because I have kept trying it

Her first marriage was with David Silbergeld who was with her for a year in 1978. Sadly, their marriage ended on a bad note in 1979. She found another perfect man Brian Kilclinic right after she broke up with David. Brian is a photographer.

Her second marriage took place on June 14 of 1980. This marriage also didn't turn out to be good enough for her and they parted ways after just two years of their marriage. She was with David Hume Kennerly from October 30, 1983, after Brian and Mel had their ways.

Mel in a movie

This marriage of hers lasted a little longer than her previous marriages. Her third marriage ended in 1988 after 5 years. The fourth person Mel met is Cotter Smith. They got married the same year they met which is 1988. This marriage also ran its course for 8 years before finally ending.

She stayed unmarried until the early 2000s. Them Mel tied the knot for the fifth time with Michael Toomy on 26th May 2001. The duo parted their ways in the year 2006. This was her last failed marriage. She finally found Bob with whom she has managed to stay for 12 years.

Mel Harris Bio

Mel was born on 12 July 1956 in Pennsylvania to her parents Mary Michael Mike and Warren Harris. Her mother worked as a teacher and her father used to be a football coach. She has spent most of her childhood in New Jersey despite being a Pennsylvania native.


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She was brought up with great care and also had better facilities as a child. She did not have any siblings and was the only child of her parents. At the present, she is blessed with her two precious kids. She has a son named Byron Kennerly born in 1984, and a daughter Madeline Smith born in 1990.

Net Worth

The exact figure of Mel's earning is not revealed to the public. But looking at her successful career, it is estimated that she has a net worth of over $5 million. She is living a luxurious lifestyle with her husband in Hudson, New York as of 2021.