Is Monica Beets Pregnant? Get To Know About The Husband, Baby And Personal Life Of The Star

Monica Beets's pregnancy news has not been confirmed.
Monica Beets
Photo: Monica Beets Instagram

Monica Beets is a Canadian reality television star. She rose to fame via Discovery's Gold Rush. The show features its contestants in a risky job of gold mining. It is not that common to see a woman risking her life for the very dangerous job. Monica caught the media attention for being such an exceptional woman.

Monica has been married to her husband Taylor for a while. The couple had faced a pregnancy rumor in 2019. The rumor turned out to be true. Monica and Taylor did have a baby girl.

The recent rumor of her second pregnancy has left the fan wondering once again. The rumor started spreading on the internet in August. Some fans even congratulated the star on the news. Monica however has not made any statement in it. 

She had not confirmed the rumor of her first pregnancy either. So it is possible that she wants to keep this pregnancy hidden as well. Only time can show if this rumor has any truth to it. A few evidences noticed by the fans hint that it might be true.


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The Pregnancy Rumor

The 12th season of the show is where the rumors began. Monica herself has not denied or confirmed the rumor. The fans were quick to notice how the star let out the news with a subtlety. In the 14th episode of this season, Monica is heard saying that she is pregnant to her brother.

She has told this right before climbing the excavator. Later on, in the show, her father Tony has indirectly revealed that his daughter is expecting a baby. He also mentions a "granddaughter" on the way.

Firstly, Monica says this:

I’m pregnant and I’m still smaller than both of you.

To which Tony has replied with:

Careful with my granddaughter so to speak

From their conversation, it does look like she indeed is pregnant. Fans had also noticed Monica's sickness which further escalated the rumor. 

Personal Life

Monica Beets was born in the Yukon on 7 November 1993 to her parents Tony Beets and Minnie Beet. She grew up with three other siblings in the Beets household. Her father is a miner as well. It looks like Monica is following her father's footsteps.


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Monica is a cast member of Gold Rush. She has been in the reality show since 2013. She was barely 10 or 11 years old when she first appeared on TV. She has made appearances on the regular Gold Rush series. She can be seen on the spin-offs of the show: Gold Rush: The Dirt and Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune as well. By the time she turned 15, she was already a full-time miner.

Her parents have been together for more than 25 years. Monica's parents put her in charge of a dredge crew in 2016, she was just 22 at the time. However, her life experience of working on the gold mine put her in a good lead for the team.


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The show is the longest show to air in the history of the discovery channel. It is back for its twelfth season in 2021 featuring Monica and her other castmates.

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Quick Facts About Monica

Age 28 years
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Weight 62 kg
Ethnicity Caucasian

Meet The Husband Of The Reality TV star

Monica is married to Taylor Mayes. Tyler has never made an appearance in the show. It is unlikely that he will ever appear in the future either.

How the star met her husband is not made public yet. The two tied the knot on 11 August 2018. Monica's husband leads a private life. According to his Instagram bio, he is also a Canadian and lives in Dawson City.

A snippet from her wedding with Taylor has been featured in a YouTube video.

Fans had begun to speculate that Monica and Taylor may no longer be together lately. With her private profile, Monica is no stranger to facing internet speculation. For now, the couple is tight-knit and together. Monica has never featured Taylor on her Instagram. It seems like the two of them just try to keep their relationship private.

In 2019, the couple welcomed a baby girl. Monica has uploaded a picture of herself with her husband and her baby on her Facebook. The name of their firstborn has not been revealed to the public yet.

Past Relationships

Monica had a history of bad relationships before she met her husband. She had dated her fellow castmate from the show Park Schnabel. She later dated another co-worker Brandon Harper. Her now-husband is not a cast member like her ex-boyfriends. Looks like it worked wonderfully for her after she stopped dating her co-stars.

Social media Reach

The majority of the cast members of Gold Rush can be found on social media with a huge following given their success on the show. Monica can be found on Instagram as her handle @monicabeets with 91.1k followers. She often makes use of Instagram to share all kinds of photos of her adventures.


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Her Instagram handle has numerous pictures of huge bear footprints in the snow, snaps of her life as a gold miner, and adorable pictures of her pet dogs. Her account also frequently features her dad, mom, and siblings.

What Is Her Net Worth?

The exact figure of how much Monica has made is still under the rugs. However, many sources claim that her worth is estimated as somewhere around $1 million. The amount is estimated on the basis of her earnings throughout the show. She makes around $200k from the show alone. The profit from her findings is also added to her net worth.