Who Is Nikocado Avocado? Learn The YouTuber's Net worth, Early Life, Relationship, Controversies

Nikocado Avocado

Nikocado Avocado is a famous YouTuber who rose to fame for his food vlogs posted on his YouTube channel. He started his channel in 2014. Nikocado's food vlogs are known for being extreme eating videos. He has four YouTube channels. His first channel is his most subscribed channel with 2.62 subscribers.

His second channel Nikocado Avocado 2 has a total of 742k subscribers. Similarly, his third and fourth channels Nikocado Avocado 3  and More Nikocado have 812k and 844k subscribers respectively. All of his channels seem to do very well. His YouTube channels have earned him a significant fan following.

Nikocado started off as a vegan food vlogger after turning vegan. In his popular mukbangs, he used to be seen cooking vegan food in front of an audience. He is also recognized as the Mukbang Youtuber.

Nikocado uploads a video on his channel every single day. The majority of his content is him eating vegan meals in front of the camera accompanied by his pet bird. He has recently ventured away from vegan diets into trying out meat plus dairy foods.

Nikocado Avocado's Early Life

Nikocado was born on 19 May 1992, in Ukraine. He was later adopted by a family in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania when he was an infant. He spent his childhood with his adoptive parents in Pennsylvania. His birth name is Nicholas Perry. 

Nikocado has confessed that he had to receive interventions and therapy sessions from the age of five. Two years later, he was diagnosed with depression and was prescribed antidepressants. He also had to be diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder as a preteen.

Nikocado used to work as a classically-trained freelancer at The Home Depot before he became an internet celebrity. He has recently posted a picture of him on his Instagram where he appears as a teenager.

Nikocado appears much skinnier than he is now in the picture he posted. He started gaining weight after he started posting his food vlogs. Understandably, he gained weight as he posts food vlogs every day. His fans seem concerned for his health after seeing the drastic change.

Quick Facts About Nikocado

Birthplace Kherson, Ukraine
Height 5 ft 11 inches
Weight 154 kilos
Faith Christianity
Profession Food vlogger and Internet Persona

How Did Nikocado Avocado's Career Began?

In 2014, Nikocado Avocado began to post on YouTube while living with his former boyfriend in Colombia. His main contents during his early days included violin covers and vegan lifestyle vlogs. He left the vegan lifestyle in 2016. His vegan fans were outraged by his decision. Nikocado even received death threats at the time. 

He oftentimes posts videos where he is seen having full-on meltdowns.

Nikocado mental breakdown

Source: Insider

After leaving veganism, he started uploading mukbang videos. He is a dedicated vlogger who puts out content on his YouTube channel frequently. Nikocado has admitted that he has experienced mania because of his junk-food-based diet. Some of his videos depict themes of melodramatic outbursts, self-hatred, and theatrical comedy. He uses his low moments to create emotionally turbulent and "clickbaity" videos.

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What Is The Net Worth Of The YouTuber?

YouTubers on average get paid $2 – $7 per 1000 views via ads. Various factors like the location of the viewer, ad inventory, numbers of ads per video come to play in determining a YouTuber's earning. Based on this data, Nikocado's earning is around $2,250 per day or $820,000 per year.

Nikocado has multiple YouTube channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers on each. It is hard to keep track of the views he receives on his every channel. Hence, the exact amount of Niokado's net worth is hard to compute.

His success definitely implies that he has become a multi-millionaire. His net worth in 2021 is estimated to be at least somewhere around $3 million.

Is He Dating Someone?

Nikocado has been openly gay since the beginning of his career. On 10 April 2017, he tied the knot with fellow YouTuber Orlin Home. Their wedding was filmed at Chick-Fil-A. Nikocado and Orlin lived in Columbia for 3 years before they relocated to Florida. The couple met each other on a Facebook group for vegan men. 

The two were friends in the beginning. Later, their friendship developed into a relationship after they traveled to Central America. Nikocado has confessed that he transferred some sexual diseases to his husband after having many extramarital affairs. Orlin left Nikokado after the incident but they reunited again eventually.

Orlin often appears on Nikocado's YouTubes. 

Nikocado's Controversies

Nikocado has been accused of harassment by fellow mukbanger Stephanie Soo. He has also been in controversies for the offensive and abusive languages he uses in his videos. His videos often consist of curse words that are not appreciated by the viewers.  

Nikocado has shown offensive views on other races, cultures, and religions. This has led him to be branded as a racist. Some viewers have been questioning his mental health. He has also been criticized for uploading pornographic images of himself on his OnlyFans account.