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Nina Blackwood

Nina Blackwood is the DJ (disc jockey) and former VJ (video jockey). She is renowned for her work for many shows, including  MTV originals. 

Also, Nina is popular for being one of the five original VJs for the MTV original, including Alan Hunter, Martha Quinn, Mark Goodman, and J.J. Jackson. The beautiful Blackwood was very adored by people for her sexy voice and charming appearance while working for MTV.

And still, Nina is loved by her die-hard fans for her talent. Also, many waits for her to start the show The 80's on 8 on Sirius Radio as of 2021. Besides hosting the shows and playing music videos for her audiences, Blackwood is also credited for acting and modeling.

Seriously, back then, Nina Blackwood was a gem for the entertainment industry. And without a doubt, she still is as she has a unique voice and specific communication skills. Now, to learn more about such a talented VJ and DJ, dive into the article below.

Where Is Nina Blackwood Now? Her Recent Job And Career As A Video Jockey  And Disco Jockey

As of August 2021, Nina is serving as the DJ for the Sirius XM Radio's show, The '80s on 8 from 1 pm to 4 pm. The show plays the 80's super hit songs.

Also, Blackwood has been co-hosting Sirius XM Radio's another show called the Big '80s Top 40 Countdown every weekend, along with her fellows, Alan Hunter, Martha Quinn, Mark Goodman, and J.J. Jackson.

Besides, in 1999, Nina and manager/producer Danny Sheridan launched the radio show Nina Blackwood's Absolutely for the United Stations Radio Network.

Again, Blackwood and Sheridan partnered up and formed a new radio program, Nina Blackwood's New Wave Nation, which aired until 2014.

Previously, Nina hosted the MTV originals from 1981 to 1986. She got her breakthrough from the show and later got to work in many other programs.

After leaving MTV, Nina hosted her show called Rocket Report in the Entertainment Tonight for the time being. Also, Blackwood anchored the television music show, Solid Gold for nearly three years (1986-1988).

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Nina Blackwood Modeling And Acting Career

The former MTV VJ, Nina, is also known as a model. She did her photoshoot without clothes for the magazine Playboy in August 1978. It was her first and foremost achievement as she got recognition.

 YouTube MTV 1982 Blackwood

YouTube MTV 1982 Blackwood (source:YouTube)

Besides, Blackwood has also featured in various movies like Vice Squad (1982), Reckless Kelly (1993), and I Crave Rock & Roll (1996).

Some Quick Facts About Nina Blackwood

Birth Name Nina Kinckiner
Age 68
Date Of birth September 12, 1952
Profession VJ, DJ, Model, and Tv Personality
Net Worth $500K -$1 Million

How Rich Is Nina Blackwood - Net Worth And Salary

Nina earns great money from her profession as VJ, DJ, and actress. She has been involved in several works to date so that she might have made a fortune in four figures.

As of mid-2021, Nina has a net worth of $500K.

On top of that, some sources say that the common DJ's salary is about $39.02 per hour and $35,880 per year on average. So, Nina might be earning equal to her more than the estimated money as a DJ.

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List Of Nina Blackwood Quotes

  1. I am a curious person and, believe it or not, I really do like to sit back and listen to people's stories.
  2. I am like the little rock n' roll backseat driver.
  3. We put all these things together into a tangible product that is The Rock N' Roll Mystery Tour.
  4. I grew up in Ohio, and I was a musicologist since I was little; it is all that I would ever read.
  5. Now that the '90s are over and more time has gone by, the 80's sound fresh again.
  6. I'm a little bit to the left of things anyway.

Who Is Nina Blackwood Husband? Info On Her Romantic Life

Since Nina's debut in the entertainment industry to date, she has kept her romantic life private. So, we cannot find the accurate information on her husband or boyfriend (if any) as of now.

However, some reliable sources report that Nina was once married to some unidentified man. But,  later, she got divorced from him in 1991.

Also, there is a rumor that Nina is in a relationship with actor Kelly Vincent. But, neither of the party has spoken anything regarding the topic.

Nina Blackwood Biography - Age, Family, And Early Life

Nina was born on 12th September 1952 in Springfield, Massachusetts, United States. As of writing this, she is 68 years old. And Blackwood secures Virgo as her birth sign. 

After Nina turned seven, she moved to Ohio along with her parents. So she was raised there since then.

She is a daughter to her then unidentified father and mother. Several media claims that her birth father was a politician, but, it was a piece of false news. It is so because Nina's father was a school teacher, per Biography Host.

On the other hand, there is no information about Nina's birth mother.

Besides, Nina has also not shared anything about her siblings.

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Which School Did Nina Blackwood Go Ti? Info On Her Educational Background

Nina attended  Rocky River High School in Rocky River, Ohio. ANd in 1970, she graduated from the school.

Similarly, it is unknown about Nina's university's name to date.

How Tall Is Nina Blackwood? Height And Weight

The former MTV VJ, Nina, is 5 feet and 6 inches (1.6 meters) tall. She has dark brown eyes. And Blackwood has a messy-blonde shag hairstyle; it is her trademark.

And she weighs 58 kgs (127 lbs).

Nina Blackwood Nationality And Ethnicity

Nina's ethnicity is white.

Likewise, she holds American nationality.

Interesting Facts About Nina Blackwood

  1. While Nina was in high school, she played the keyboard and covered the song titled Venus.
  2. Nina was an inspiration for John Waite's song Missing You (1984).
  3. Blackwood has an Instagram account, @ninablackwoodvj. But, she has not posted anything since 2015. 
  4. Nina went to the Strasberg Institute, California, to learn acting.