Who Is Noah Thompson's Girlfriend Angel Dixon? Are They Married? Find Out Noah Thompson's Love Life

Noah Thompson and Angel Dixon

Noah Thompson is a renowned American singer and songwriter who came into the spotlight after winning the title of American Idol in 2022. He was announced as the winner of the 20th season of the singing competition on May 22, 2022. 

After that, Thompson's hype has risen and just like his professional life; his personal life has also been a matter of concern to many people. So, you may know that he is living a happy life with his girlfriend, Angel Dixon. Keep reading to learn more about his personal life. 

Who Is Noah Thompson’s Girlfriend, Angel Dixon?

We all saw a girl backstage and on stage who always cheered for Noah and supported him. Yes, it's no other than Angel Dixon, who is seen cheering for him everywhere, including on her social media.

Angel Dixon and Noah are high school sweethearts. They met in their high school Lawrence Country and have been together ever since. Noah had not revealed when the two met but looking at their social media, they seem to have been dating since 2018. The two have a toddler, Walker Lee.

Angel is 21 years old and almost 2 years older than Noah. Constant cheerleader of Noah was initially a salesperson in Kimbers Country Market, but at present, she has been selling her own amazing products and chasing her dream in business.

Are Noah Thompson & Angel Dixon married?

As of now, Noah is not married, but he is in a serious longtime relationship with his girlfriend. The two already have a son together and make a wonderful family. Noah has talked about Angel multiple times in American Idol and has even dedicated a song to her.

The singer dedicated the song “Stay” to his sweetheart in Hollywood week and said that

“This isn’t a song I would usually do but it reminds me of being back home because it is a song me and my girlfriend Angel would sing together”

Angel is also seen constantly cheering for her boyfriend and thanking fans for all their love and support for Noah. After Noah won the title, she even posted a picture on Instagram thanking everyone. Angel and Noah are not married but might get married sooner or later. But there have been some rumors about their breakup, but the American Idol winner has already addressed the unwanted gossip about their breakup. 

As they have not confirmed it, we can be clear that Thompson and Dixon have been living a happy life together. We can follow Thompson on Instagram as @noahthompsonmusic, where he updates his ongoing life.

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Noah Thompson & Angel Dixon's Son

Noah opened up more about his personal life during the Hollywood week of the Idol, where he shared about his son and Angel.

Angel and Noah were blessed with a baby boy Walker Lee in 2021. As Noah shared his personal details with the audience, he said:

"I have a small child; he just turned 7 months. I recently became a father, and my little guy is my inspiration for everything. It blows my mind that I'm even here since this might offer my son a new life, a better one."

Noah Thompson’s Grandmother

During all seasons, Noah had been trending on Google. He has garnered huge fandom, and he sure has so much coming his way. But the singer didn’t have everything so good earlier. He had a tumultuous childhood as his parents were divorced.

In the Mother's Day special episode, Noah shared with the audience about his grandmother Karen who was a mother to him and raised him since he was a small boy. Though he had tested positive for Covid, he sang the song “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac from his hotel room which he dedicated to his grandmother Karen.

Noah Thompson with his girlfriend and grandmother
Noah Thompson with Angel and grandmother Karen (Source: Instagram)

His grandmother was always beside him, cheering for him and telling him she was very proud of him the entire time.

Noah Thompson’s Parents

Noah’s parents were divorced when he was a child, and he was basically raised by his grandmother. Noah stayed with his father and he has not revealed much about his mother. In his pre-season interview with Billboard, he said that his father was his musical inspiration. He said that he had a big influence on his father when he was growing up, as he always used to see him playing guitar. His father had a band and used to write songs. Noah grew up loving music because of his father.

How Much Is Noah Thompson's Net Worth?

Noah garnered a big fandom after he won American Idol. The price of the show included $250K in prize money and a budget of $300K to make an album. All the fortune has definitely added value to his net worth. However, his accurate net worth is yet to be calculated, but it can be said that his net worth may be in the six figures.