Explore Noella Bergener And Sweet James Net Worth Difference, Divorce And Personal Life

Noella Bergener and Sweet James are parting their ways after a year of marriage.
Noella Bergener And Sweet James
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Noella Bergener is a reality television personality from Bravo's hit show The Real Housewives Of Orange County. She debuted in the show in its 15th season. She was introduced as a friend of the former star of the show Braunwyn Windham-Burke.

She became part of the full-time cast after her friend was fired. She also won many hearts and made hefty money from the show. She is the first black housewife in The Real Housewives Of Orange County. She was married to her husband for over a year now. The recent rumor of her divorce has caused curiosity among the viewers about her married life.

Noella Bergener Married Life And Divorce Rumor

Noella Bergener was married to her husband Sweet James for more than a year. The two had tied the knot in June 2020. The couple seemed happily married initially but their married life has taken a plunge recently. Noella herself has spoken about the divorce.

She has revealed that the two are planning to get divorced this year. The news of their divorce has been making headlines ever since their announcement. The fans are making many assumptions and theories about the possible cause of the reason of their divorce. 

An episode of The Real Housewives Of Orange County has shown her visibly upset about the divorce. She looks really worried and tense to receive divorce papers from him. She has said in an interview that the divorce is her worst nightmare.   

James and Noella met several years before they got married. The two are parents of their two kids: a son and a daughter. Their marriage has come to a rocky end, unfortunately. Their divorce rumor had been the talk of the town since November 2021.

Her two-year-old son was diagnosed with Autism in May 2021. It has not been made clear about the custody of their children so far. A few months ago, her mother had to get hospitalized. This year has not been very easy on Noella at all. 

The government issued her husband a federal tax lien of $5.8 million in the summer of 2021. The news has shocked the viewers of the show. In fact, Noella herself is as shocked and disgusted as fans. This was not very long after showrunners started to film for the 16th season of the show. 

The messy divorce is bound to have an impact on her financial status. She was tempted to leave the show following the devastating news. But she opted to finish filming the season with the help and support of the producers of the show:  

The show was giving me the strength, and empowering me, really, to look deep into it

Her lifestyle has turned upside down due to the financial difficulties after the split. She still has kids to look after.  She is seen confiding in her friend Shannon to cope with the divorce. She is looking forward to not letting the challenge dishearten her.

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Who Is Her Ex-Husband Sweet James?

James Bergener aka Sweet Jones is a member of a multi-million dollars advocate forum. He used to be a reputed American attorney prior to this fiasco. He attended Whittier College for his undergrad education and he majored in law.

He is also the founding member of the Bergener Firm. The firm is one of California's personal premiere personal injury litigation companies. Bergener Firm sets out to be a new style of legal firm. The first goal of the firm is to help its clients heal from their injuries. Then it aims to get them the maximum amount for compensation.

Net Worth Difference Between Sweet James And Noella Bergener

Noella alone has an estimated net worth of $1 million as per reports. She made this money through her modeling career and reality TV. She also does brand promotions as an extra source of income. James on the other hand is believed to have a net worth of a whopping $20 million. His net income is way higher than that of Noella.

Sweet James was believed to make a very large sum of money before people came to know about the financial crisis. He used to make somewhere between $100 thousand and $150 thousand every year from his firm alone. But turned out he had a debt of a total of $6 million.

This was the amount he had not paid to the IRS. This is not the first time he got a problem with the law for taxes though. He had suffered two federal tax liens consecutively in the years 2018 and 2019. He owed $4 million to the federal government and $1.85 million to the US state of California.