Who Is Parker Abbott From Season 4 Of 'The Circle'? Explore His Wiki, Age, Job, & Net worth

Parker Abbott

Parker Abbott is a talented television actress and social media personality who appeared in the popular American reality competition show 'The Circle' that premiered in January 2020 on Netflix. Parker pretends to be a therapist on The Circle. 

Parker Abbott Wiki, Age, Parents

On March 31, 2000, Parker Abbott was born in Miami, Florida, United States. Parker is 21 years as of 2022. Parker's nationality is American, and she belongs to mixed ethnicity. Parker currently resides in Los Angeles. Her father, Paul Abbott, is an investor, business strategist, and philanthropist who's "actively connected" with organizations like The Caitlyn Jenner Foundation. According to his LinkedIn profile, Parker's father, Paul, is also the creator of FBS400, Inc. He founded the organization in 2011 and continues to lead it now. There isn't much information about Abbott's mother or siblings, but we're working on it. 

Abbott completed her education at The Sagemont School before enrolling in a Los Angeles university to complete her bachelor's degree. Abbott finds it difficult to be away from her family, so she travels between Miami and Los Angeles.

Does Parker Abbott Have A Job?

Parker's occupation on the show was "student," despite pretending to be a therapist as one of her Circle strategies. Parker Abbott chose her career as a model in the entertainment industry as her real-life job.

Parker Abbott IG
Parker Abbott At Home Attire (Source: IG)

As a result, she changed her Instagram account's privacy settings from private to public and began publishing her amazing images.

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Is Parker Abbott Dating?

Parker Abbott is not dating anyone as of 2022. Parker was seen entering her co-contestant John Franklin's residence after being eliminated from The Circle, and there were signals of a growing bond. So, there might be some development between them in the future.

Parker and John first met on The Circle through their catfish accounts. When Parker discovered that "Carol" was a young man called John, he was taken aback. However, as she walked off the set, she said they couldn't wait to meet when filming was completed.

Unfortunately, John and Parker are not romantically involved based on their social media platforms. We hope we're incorrect, but the two have stayed in touch and are amicable toward one another.

Parker Abbott In The Circle

The Circle is a reality show where contestants compete for a grand prize of $150,000. It's a game show where competitors form friendships, romances, tragedies, and other relationships while hiding their true identities. At the end of each round, the players are rated based on popularity, with the top ranker earning the title of "influencer." The influencer has the unique ability to remove a player from the game. Each player's identity is revealed after they have been eliminated.

When Parker Abbott joined the Netflix reality series The Circle Season 4, she had no intention of making friends. "I aim at being the most deceptive, cutthroat player," the 22-year-old Miami native said in her introduction package, predicting that the other cast members will fall into her "trap" and win her the $150,000 grand prize. What's her plan? Paul Abbott, her 56-year-old father, is her character.
Unfortunately, she was voted out at the end of episode 2 after failing to identify a permanent ally who would have backed her throughout. Fans found it hilarious that Parker was eliminated because they thought she did a terrible job imitating her father.

Net Worth

Parker Abbott's net worth is estimated to be around $100k. Abbott makes the majority of her earnings from television and social media. She has the potential to be a huge star now that her career is starting to take off.

Social Media

Parker Abbott's social media includes her Instagram page, which has around 15.3k followers. Parker's Instagram is solely comprised of ultra-glam photos showcasing her Kardashian-inspired makeup talents and current fashion taste. Furthermore, Parker is also active on Tiktok with 882 followers.