Patrick Stewart's Wife Sunny Ozell: How Did They End Up Meeting?

Patrick Stewart Met Wife

Sunny Ozell and Patrick Stewart have one of the most beautiful and fascinating relationships in the entertainment industry. Despite public views regarding the couple's age difference, the couple's love for each other has not faded.

Let's learn more about how the pair met for the first time and how their sweet romance began.

Patrick Stewart Wiki

On July 13, 1940, British actor Sir Patrick Stewart took birth in Mirfield, West Riding of Yorkshire, England. Stewart is 81 years as of 2022, and the actor originally descends from the United Kingdom.

Stewart's career key milestones spanned more than five decades. He has appeared in not only films and television but also stage productions and video games.

So far, he has brought himself up to a position where hundreds and thousands of people view and idolize him as their role model. The actor's accomplishments speak out loud. 

Stewart is best known for his roles in Star Trek: The Next Generation and the X-Men franchise as Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Professor Charles Xavier, respectively.

Those movies of him still fall under the reminiscences of many. Moreover, the actor was also honored by Queen Elizabeth II for his contributions to the entertainment industry.

The queen provided him with a knighthood for his accomplishments in the drama. However, this man is just not recognized for stabilizing his professional life. He is also best known for living up a personal life embellished with love and effort.

Despite being a global celebrity, he also ensures to work on his personal life.

This 2022, they will mark a year less than a decade of togetherness. Now let's ponder deep into Stewart's better half, Sunny Ozell's life. 

Who is Sunny Ozell?

Ozell is a flamboyant singer and songwriter born on December 23, 1978, in Reno, Nevada, United States. As of 2022, the singer is 43 years old.


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Ozell began her classical studies at a tender age, having been born and raised in a musical family. Her singing and songwriting skills were also boosted as a result of this.

Moreover, as her family belonged to this field, fate provided her with better opportunities to pursue her career in this particular field. 

Also, these opportunities worked out only after she put in equal efforts and hard work in the field. To mark her flamboyance, the singer earned her bachelor's degree in English Literature from the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Just as her life story characterizes her as an intelligent personality, she chose her better half while being wise and smart enough. It's not just the career factor she kept under consideration; she was also intelligent and sufficient with her maturity. 

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How did Patrick Stewart meet Sunny Ozell?

Stewart met his better half for the first time in 2008 while in a year-long stage performance of Macbeth at the nearby Brooklyn Academy of Music. Their eyes met, hearts matched, and eventually, their relationship flourished.

Many celebrities meet and begin their love relationships in a variety of ways. Likewise, Stewart and Ozell uniquely got into this bonding. When Stewart walked into Franny's restaurant for dinner, he ran into Ozell, who was working as a beautiful waitress then. Ozell was star-struck viewing him, and she could not resist and went further to serve his table.

Gradually, she made a move and tried initiating a conversation alongside. The singer commenced with how much she wished to see Macbeth. Coincidentally, Stewart was paving his way on the Broadway run for the same drama night. So, pleased by her aura, he gave her his private jet cell number. 

Recalling this beautiful incident, he made a statement to People in March 2022, where he said,

"It was the only time in my life I've given someone my telephone number." This shows how he was equally struck by the singer's beauty back then."

Her aura hit him hard, and the actor immediately pursued her. On the other hand, Ozell could not resist his charm and accepted his persuasion while handing him his phone number after a brief conversation.

Ever since then, they have bonded together. After five years of dating, the couple got decisive over walking down the aisle together. 

And in 2013, they had their hands clenched together while descending beautifully from the aisle. They got married, and their bond has been going strong ever since. In one of the interviews, Stewart even mentioned how he had never met anyone like her.

However, now, this struck the question related to all of his past relationships. 

Stewart emmys
Stewart & Ozell At Emmy's (Source: IG)

Patrick Stewart's Past Relationships

Before crossing his paths with the singer, Stewart had involved himself in many other relationships. Stewart's love life started in 1966 when he was wedded to Sheila Falconer, and they also had two children, Daniel Freedom and Sophie Alexandra. However, due to unknown reasons, they paved their way apart in 1990. 

Soon after, the actor was struck by the beauty of Meridith Baer, whom he dated in 1991. However, things did not work out well, and they separated after being together for two years in 1993. 

Again, in 1994, he started dating Wendy Neuss, one of the producers of Stewart's most famous movie, Star Trek. They tied the knots but fell apart in 2003. Later, in 2003 he started seeing Lisa Dillon but unfortunately, by 2007, they broke up. 

Eventually, after a year break, Stewart landed his eyes upon his soulmate, Sunny Ozell, and we are all aware of the rest of the story. To this date, they are relishing years of togetherness. 

Alongside a supportive wife, his journey to success keeps on paving its way. As an actor, he relishes a hefty net worth.

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Patrick Stewart's Net Worth

Stewart, a renowned face of the entertainment industry, lives with a net worth of over $75 million, as per celebrity net worth

Patrick Stewart's Social Media

The actor posts a lot of adorable pictures alongside his better half on his social media handle. He is active on Instagram with over a million followers, on Facebook, with over six million followers, and on Twitter with over three million followers.