Let These Eye-Catching 7 Piercing Trends To Keep On Your Radar For 2022

Piercing Trends 2022

Piercings are the new fashion statement in the upcoming year. A single trip to the mall to get ear lobes pierced used to be enough to give people's ears some uniqueness and sparkle. Hence, they are traveling beyond that first and second hole into tragus, conch, and helix territory for adornment.

This trend is making decking out their ears with multiple hoops and clusters of studs. Piercings are being more acceptable than ever. They have become the ultimate solution for those in the mood to switch up their styles. The fun 2022 piercing trends are the good news on the horizon.

This is going to be a year of self-expression according to industry insiders. It might be even more than that so that all the stacked ear jewelry 2021 was brought into the zeitgeist. 


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Piercings Trend 2021

The year 2021 had been a heck of a year post-pandemic. The beauty and fashion trends might be the only positive thing the year has brought among people. The upcoming year is all about individuality and uniqueness. The year 2020 was the year where most people bid farewell to bras

Last year also welcomed face masks and sweatsuits like never before. Inking and piercing trends for 2022 are just on the rise in a similar fashion. This year has been all about customization delivering exactly what people have been dreaming about.

People want the personalization that piercings bring. Working and schooling from home have let people explore the trend and go all casual. Earrings have basically become the ideal way to express oneself. Here are the top seven piercing trends that the coming year brings us:

1. Asymmetry


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The days of rocking identical piercings on both ears are long gone. It is all about asymmetry among the Gen Z fashionistas. Asymmetrical piercing style cannot be considered exactly new. However, 2022 is predicted to witness the trend continue with people randomizing their placements even more.

This is a good time for those who want second or third holes on just one lobe and not the other. The less rhyme and reason for the piercings, the better which is the beauty of the trend.

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2. Mixing & Matching


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The rise of mixing and matching jewelry is for complimenting the asymmetry trend. There was this tendency was to stick with one style when it came to decking out the piercings in the past. Those rules are finally and officially orthodox.

This trend is for those who love to mix gold and silver hoops or stick a pearl next to a diamond stud. A pop of color with vibrant gemstone studs can also be introduced.

3. Stacked Lobe

This one is the most traditional piercing. This is the one trend that pretty much everyone starts off with when it comes to piercings. The hole is located right smack dab in the middle of the lower lobe. A piercing is added right above the first one and thus forming a stack.

This is considered another of 2022’s biggest trends by fashion experts. This piercing gives off subtle yet cool vibes by adding some edge to the most basic piercing of all.

3. Industrial Bars


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This style is a bit rebellious form of piercing in 2022. This type of piercing has brought back the '90s and Y2K trends that are a little bit on the popular side of fashion. It is perfect for those who have been eyeballing industrial bars that stretch across their cartilage.

4. Snakebites


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The snakebite piercing was first made popular by Kaia Gerber back in 2019. This famous trend will continue to stick around. Most people generally get a couple of piercings close together in their midi, or middle of the ear. The coming year is expecting snakebite piercings in places like the forward helix and conch.

5. Flat Helix


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A flat helix piercing is also highly desired most likely with mismatched studs. These are placed in the middle and flat area located between the ear canal and cartilage. It might get a little bit tricky to get a look that works for one's ear shape and size. It is best to ask the piercer to customize the placement.

6. Trilogy


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Trilogy here means the three piercings. The trilogy goes right next to where someone would have the first piercing according to Moeri. One on the lobe is seen a lot more times but with an upward look. This style allows getting three times the opportunity to mix and match the jewelry.