What Happened to Poong Woon-Ho in the 20th Century Girl’s Finale?

By Deepesh
Here's what happened to Woon-ho and Bo-ra and their young love in the 20th Century Girl's finale.
20th Century Girl
20th Century Girl (Image Source: YouTube)

20th Century Girl is a new South Korean romance drama film released on Netflix on October 21, 2022. The Netflix drama is written and directed by Bang Woori. The main casts of the show are Roh Yoon-Seo, Byeon Woo-Seok, Park Jung-woo, and Kim Yoo-Jung. Besides, the Netflix movie portrays the fellowship and freshness of first love against the set of 1999.

Meanwhile, 20th Century Girl was reportedly one of the Top 5 movies on Netflix for almost a week after its release. Likewise, the movie has received mostly positive reviews from critics regarding the acting. Na Bo-ra, played by Kim Yoo-Jung, finds herself experiencing her first love with Poon Woon-ho, played by Byeon Woo-Seok. 

But the movie's finale has left viewers wondering what happened to Woon-ho and Bo-ra and their young love. Some speculate Woon-ho died in conclusion. Keep reading to find out everything about it.

Plot Synopsis of 20th-Century Girl

The Netflix movie 20th Century Girl follows a high school student's first love and friendships. Bo-Ra, portrayed by Kim You-Jung, is a 17-year-old high school student who is good at taekwondo. Also, she has a bright and cheerful personality. Besides, Bo-Ra is a broadcasting club member at her school. On the other side, Woon-Ho, played by Byeon Woo-Seok, is also at the same club.

Bo-Ra is best friends with Yeon-Doo (Roh Yoon-Seo), who attends the same school. Meanwhile, Yeon-Doo has a crush on fellow student Hyun-Jin (Park Jung-Woo). Yeon-Doo asks Bo-Ra to find out everything about Hyun-Jin, while she goes to the U.S. for heart surgery.

After that, Bo-Ra observes Hyun-Jin closely, and she collects details about him from his friend Woon-Ho. During this time, Bo-Ra becomes close to Woon-Ho and also Hyun-Jin. 

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What Happened to Poong Woon-Ho Finale?

Poong Woon-ho is a new student who joins Bo-ra's school at the beginning of the new academic year. His parents are divorced, and he resides with his father in Korea. On the other hand, Woon-ho's mom and younger brother live in New Zealand. 

As we know, Woon-ho is quiet and depressed after his parent's divorce but begins smiling after developing a crush on Bo-ra. Eventually, the pair starts dating, but Bo-ra ends their affair to protect Yeon-du's feelings. Later, Woon-ho moves to New Zealand to live with his mom, and Yeon-du alleviates Bo-ra reuniting with her love. 

At the station, Woon-ho confesses his feelings for Bo-ra and vows to remain in touch. Their relationship continues through emails, and they also arrange to attend the same college in Seoul. However, after celebrating 2000 New Year's eve, Woon-ho disappears, and Bo-ra loses all contact with him. In the end, Woon-ho's younger brother, Joseph, discloses that Woon-ho died. Netflix viewers are now eager to know about the reason behind his death.

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How Did Poong Woon-Ho Die in 20th Century Girl?

The sudden disappearance of Woon-ho from Bo-ra's life leaves the teenager depressed. Later, Bo-ra receives a VHS tape and a letter from an artist Joseph, who invites her to an art exhibition. During that time, Joseph admits Woon-ho died nearly fifteen years ago.

After that, Bo-ra returns to her childhood home and watches the VHS video. The video proves he was returning to South Korea for New Year's to see his first love again. But sadly, it never happens, which clarifies why Bo-ra never got a call or letter from him while in college. Woon-ho never got to meet Bo-ra again; his last happy memories of her are from the 20th century. So, fans noticed the movie's title.

20th Century Girl is available on Netflix.