Who is RHODubai's Chanel Ayan's Husband? Explore Her Net Worth, Family & Kids

Chanel Ayan

Chanel Ayan, a supermodel from Kenya has been winning hearts ever since she stepped into the modeling industry. Apart from just being a model, she is also a renowned businesswoman setting milestones.

Despite descending from the glamorous industry she ensures to have proper dissemination of time in terms of business too.

She is also quite a recognized face descending from the Real Housewives from Dubai. 

She was born on 7 June 1978, in Kenya. Apart from being an entrepreneur and model, her professional background is also inclusive of working as an actress.

Ayan seems to be highly active in terms of making an entrance into the movie industry this year in 2022.

There are multiple projects she is involved in recently. 

Her colossal career is a matter of discussion to many but what else keeps the audience drenched is questions encircling her personal life aspects like her husband, family, kids, and also certain information regarding her net worth. 

Let us start off with her married life with her husband.

Who is Chanel Ayan Married To?

The Real Housewives of Dubai cast's husband has been a series of discussions. 

Well, the supermodel is actually married to her husband, Chris. 

Recently. a potion of juicy information got into the public ears regarding the couple. 

Chris and Ayan have been married for almost two decades. Dishing into their love story, the supermodel stated that his sister was the one who introduced him to her. 

Chanel Ayan with her husband, Chris
Chanel Ayan with her husband, Chris (Source: Bravo TV)

Later, he pursued her to dance along which she openly accepted. And while twirling around, the two fell into the puddle of love. 

Despite being affluent, the couple tied the knots with a twenty-dollar wedding dress and just fifteen guests. 

Well, it is not just her husband who is a huge fan of hers. A guy named Andy too once posted on how mesmerizing and amazing she is both as an individual and a celebrity. 

Ayan does have pretty fans around but her husband still stands as the number one amid all. 

So, the other question that arouses is if the couple has kids. 

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Does Chanel Ayan and Her Husband Have Kids?

The answer to this is a solid yes. The couple has been raising an adorable family of three that is comprised of Ayan, Chris, and her son Taj. 

The couple has made no revelation on their further planning on having kids. Probably, they are okay with their nuclear family of three for now.


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Both Ayan and her husband sometimes dish around on Instagram with their little son, Taj. 

Chris, when posted an adorable picture with their son on his feed, Ayan, that, commented saying "My favorite human beings in the world."

The supermodel is not just a well-settled woman with affluence, family, and kids, but also a personality who garners a hefty net worth. 

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How much is Chanel Ayan's Net Worth?

The television personality, model, and actress has a net worth of over $2 million. She has marked her appearance in advertisements for huge brands like Bazaar and Coca-Cola. 

She came to prominence in the modeling industry ever since she stepped into Brazil. Her popularity skyrocketed when she shifted to Dubai.

Since then she has had a huge fan following from almost all corners of the world specifically the Middle East and Africa. 

Her work for Louis Vitton, Valentino, and Gucci as well aids her a lot in her massive net worth. 

With a huge net worth, a loving husband, and prospering family with kids, the supermodel is cherishing every moment in life. 

We hope that each of her projects in 2022 as an actress skyrockets and helps her get accomplished as a successful actress in the industry.