Ryan Eggold Speculated To Be in a Relationship With Bella Thorne?

Ryan Eggold

Ryan Eggold is one of such names who has garnered immense attention from his audience due to his astounding performances on-screen. The palettes of his professional life are filled with accomplishments. 

With fabulous portrayals in movies like The Blacklist: Redemption, The Blacklist, New Amsterdam, and a lot more he has been prospering constantly. However, besides his colossal career, fans have also stayed intrigued about his personal life. 

They have been quenched with questions regarding his personal life, love life, rumors, speculations, and a lot more. So, the real question arouses linked with his dating history so far. So, let us start off with that.

Ryan Eggold Past Relationships

Eggold, being a fabulous actor with a charming personality has barely had problems when it comes to relationships. It is because he was raised like a gentleman by his parents Karen Benik and James Frederick Eggold.

However, he has come across certain ups and downs in his personal life. He is regarded as one of the gentlemen in the industry. But, when it comes to relationships, he does not have much of a good reputation.

So, his linkings kicked off in the year 2008, when he was rumored to be in a relationship with Ashley Greene. Greene is popularly known for her role as Alice Cullen in Twilight. 

Moreover, that year, he had also mentioned in one of the interviews saying that he had been seeing one of the actresses. Based on that statement of his, many speculations were created. 

Despite the rumors, official claims from neither side were made. The rumored couple soon started getting distant and that is when in 2009 when he started dating another renowned actress named Haley Bennett. 

The actress is profoundly known for working in movies such as The Magnificient Seven. The relationship that both were bound in soon paved their way apart in 2011, as per a few of the sources. 

However, again the linking both underwent was never really made official. It was just that conclusions were drawn easily as both of them started appearing a bit distant from each other. 

Apart from these different linkings, his sizzling on-screen chemistry with Freema Agyeman was also shipped pretty a lot. But those are just the rumors, nothing else has been official yet.


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There has been a plethora of judgments, articulations of rumors, gossip, and a lot more, but he has never really been in a confirmed yet official relationship. As of 2022, again some sort of speculations have been detected regarding the actor's personal life. Eggold is being shipped with Bella Thorne.

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Are Bella Thorne and Ryan Eggold in a Relationship?

Bella Thorne, an actress from Shake It Up, has recently ignited the spark of dating rumors ever since she was spotted out on a dinner date with Eggold in Surf Lodge.

Paparazzi and different media lines spotted the two together. The headlines paced up really fast and the news reached out to many. That is exactly when the actors started getting shipped.

Ryan Eggold
Ryan Eggold (Image Source: Instagram)

This particular rumor lit up as Bella Thorne was recently reported to have broken up with her engaged partner, Benjamin Mascolo. They struck the Internet in 2021, with their news of getting engaged, however, recently the rumors suggest that they have paved their ways apart.

While following the same rumor, Thorne after being spotted with Eggold soon made some headlines. The headlines also reported on how the actors were seen outside while roaming for cocktails. 

However, the news is yet to be confirmed. It is because both of them have kept their lips sealed regarding this particular aspect. If any further update regarding their relationship comes forward, we will try to keep you up with it. Till then, stay connected to us.