Sanela Diana Jenkins's Career & Net Worth: Her Appearance in RHOBH

Sanela Diana Jenkins

Sanela Diana Jenkins is a popular entrepreneur and philanthropist. Apart from being an entrepreneur and philanthropist, she is also active and is seen doing many other works.

Jenkins was married to the love of her life. They welcomed their two children together. Later due to some unsaid reason the couple ended up in a divorce. However, despite the adversities life threw upon her, she collected herself piece by piece, and here she is, a living professional who has been setting milestones in her career consistently.

The entrepreneur came more into popularity after marking her appearance in the Real Housewives Beverly Hills and is also assumed to be living a life worth millions. 

Sanela Diana Jenkins's Short Wiki

Sanela Diana Jenkins 49 years old woman first stepped into this world on 1973. She was born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Jenkins is currently said to reside in California, the United States of America. 

Jenkins is seen arousing into a plethora of entrepreneurial platforms while setting an exemplary personality to many. 

Let us find some more about her career and earnings.

Sanela Diana Jenkins
Sanela Diana Jenkins ( Image source: US Weekly )

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Sanela Diana Jenkins Professional Life and Career

Throughout her career path, Jenkins has worked on pretty much all aspects. Numerous sleepless nights, battles with problems, and confidence are the elements that are responsible enough to stabilize her to a position as such. 

Jenkins was a born star and dedicated woman who pushed herself to give herself more of what she has now. 

This woman is also involved in some humanitarian deeds where she is spotted helping people numerous times. She has certain foundations that aid in social betterment and upliftment. 

Her organizations include The Irnis Ćatić Foundation which was established by Jenkins in the memory of her late brother, Irnis, who lost his life during the war that took place in Bosnia.

There are many of her foundations that support her home country including the Sanela Diana Jenkins Foundation for Bosnia. Many of them contribute to cleaning surroundings and water sources such as lakes and are moreover providing support to people who are in need to survive their life.

The entrepreneur has successfully created many other business lines. She created her beverage company line which is named Neuro Brands which helped her to create a multi-million-dollar empire. 

Apart from the beverage line, Jenkins has also established her own swimwear line Melissa Odabah after graduating from the University of London. She is the CEO of the Neuro brand and also founded D Empire Entertainment two years later.

She is moreover seen making an amazing appearance on the popular show called RHOBH.

Sanela Diana Jenkins on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Sanela Diana Jenkins joined the cast of  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) somewhere around its 12th season. 

There, she also worked on the formation of networking in the show. Jenkins made many aware of her socially contributing foundations and encouraged them in supporting her. 

The very first season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) premiered on Bravo. Her network has ensured to influence many people out there. 

During the show, she also revealed that she was not born with the luxury that she has earned today but instead she was born into a poor family.

Her appearance on the show has been loved and appreciated by a lot of people.

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Sanela Diana Jenkins Net Worth and Lifestyle

Sanela Diana Jenkins earns a huge amount of money which allows her to enjoy a very wealthy life. She earns a total net worth of $300 million per annum.

Moreover, Jenkins bags a huge amount out of her divorce settlement from her ex-husband who is one of the richest real estate people. In addition, she owns around five to six houses. 

Jenkins is a perfect example set for all the women out there who aspire to accomplish something in life.