How Much ShermanTheVerman Makes From YouTube? Learn About His Bio, Net Worth And Girlfriend


ShermanTheVerman is a famous and one of the richest YouTube Stars. His YouTube channel has 828k subscribers as of October 2021. He has also accumulated over 56 million views on his channel.

He is equally popular on other platforms like Instagram with 699k followers and Twitter with 95.2 followers. He is known for his pretty exciting lifestyle seen on his YouTube channel. He also uploads daily vlogs as well as shares details about his personal life. He has earned fame and wealth both at the young age of 21.

Many details about his life are showcased in his videos. The first-ever video he ever posted on his Youtube channel is titled ISS YA BOI which has garnered 242 thousand views. One of his most-watched videos is titled I lost My Best Friend. The video features his beloved late dog as he conveys his pain through the video.

Net Worth And Earnings

ShermanTheVerman has been listed as one of the most popular YouTube Stars. Sources like Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider have estimated his net worth at around $1.5 Million. 

The YouTuber is estimated to make somewhere between $34 and $550 each month from his videos alone. This amount translates to be at least between $412 and $6.6K annually. Any other sources of Anthony's income are not known to date.

The YouTuber receives approximately 275.55K views per video. Based on a general rule of $5 to $7 per thousand, his net worth can be a little higher or lower than our estimation.

Does ShermanTheVerman Have A Girlfriend? 

Being a daily vlogger sometimes means less privacy about personal life. In his life as well, he was bound to show every detail about his personal life. Just like that, ShermanTheVerman also could not hide his girlfriend from the eyes of his viewers for very long.

On January 13, 2021, he shared a vlog on his channel with the title I Asked Her To Be My Girlfriend... He exclaimed that it was the greatest feeling he ever had, being with someone. 

The video is 19 minutes long full of wholesome moments as ShermanTheVerman does her nails, takes her to dinner, and finally proposes to her to be his girlfriend. His girlfriend replies with a big YES! 

 The two constantly appear on each other's social media after the sweet revelation to the public. 

Who Is The Girlfriend Of ShermanTheVerman?

The name of the girlfriend of the YouTube star is Leslie. Just like her boyfriend, she also grew up in San Diego. Leslie was brought up together with her two siblings. Reportedly, the two met each other through a mutual friend. 


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The Youtuber's girlfriend is said to be working in a hospital. However, her job and post have not been made clear. Leslie was not used to media attention prior to meeting her boyfriend. She has made her social media public only recently. She has accumulated a whopping 109k followers on her Instagram.


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From their Instagram posts, it looks like the couple is going strong. On Valentine's day, Anthony shared a heartfelt post about his girlfriend with the caption:

 you're my best friend and I never thought I'd meet someone as perfect and caring and funny and let's not forget petty as you!...

His post ended with the phrase Happy Valentine's Day Wife. This sentence has raised certain speculation among the fans regarding the potential marriage of the couple. However, the YouTuber has never made the announcement about the two getting married to date. 

ShermanTheVerman Bio

ShermanTheVerman was born in San Diego, California on 6t October of 1999. His real name is Anthony Jabro but he is most recognized by his YouTube name. The name of his parents has not been revealed yet. However, they both frequently feature on Anthony's YouTube videos. 

On 17th October 2019, he uploaded a video titled  I SURPRISED MY PARENTS WITH THEIR DREAM GIFT!!. He seems pretty close with his parents judging from his YouTube channel.

The YouTuber holds American nationality but he hails of Arabic descent. He grew up with a sister named Chanel Jabro.