365 Days Cast Simone Susinna’s Dating Rumors Explained! Is He Gay?

Simone Susinna and Michele Morrone

Simone Susinna is a famous model, actor, and social media personality hailing from Italy. He gained widespread recognition after being cast on a famous reality tv show named 365 Days.

Besides, Susinna made headlines on the internet after getting linked with another cast, Michele Morrone.

Back in 2021, Susinna and Morrone appeared together in a photo being shirtless. Instantly, the image went viral on the internet, and many online portals began writing news about it as fans speculated that they might be gay.

Since then, the rumors of them being gay has remained in people's mind, and after the show's recent episode, fans again became confused as some of them are saying that Susinna and Morrone might be dating each other.

So, collecting all the information, we've addressed the rumors and more about their dating life.

Are Simone Susinna and Michele Morrone Dating?

As said earlier, Simone Susinna and Michele Morrone are again in the limelight after the recent episode of 365 Days. In the recent episode, Susinna and Morrone gave an intimate scene where we can see them kissing in the bed.

After that, viewers began speculating that the two characters might be dating as they appeared pretty close to each other.

So, it can be said that the dating rumors surfaced just after sharing the intimate scene. But in the past, they also shared some photos, which created confusion among people.

Simone Susinna and Michele Morrone
Simone Susinna and Michele Morrone ( Source: Pinkvilla )

However, there is no fact about the rumors, as Morrone has already talked about this topic.

In an Instagram story, Morrone said that Susinna is like a brother to him. So, we can say that Susinna and Morrone are good friends, and they are like a brother to each other. 

But the 365 Days cast and Morrone are not only involved in the dating rumors as people have thought that they might be gay. So, let's talk about their gay rumors too.

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Simone Susinna and Michele Morrone Gay Rumors Explained

We know, Simone Susinna and Michele Morrone share a brotherly relationship. Despite that, some of their images have created confusion among people leaving them to think that, Susinna and Morrone might be gay.

The rumors of gay started on June 1, 2021, when Morrone posted a shirtless photo on Instagram together with Susinna. In the respective photo, we can see Susinna wrapping his hands around Morrone's neck.

Casually giving an insight into the picture, Susinna's statement of seeing Morrone as his brother can easily be grasped. But, some critics still didn't agree with the "brother" tag, the 365 Days cast put on him. 

So, the picture garnered huge media attention and also made headlines on the internet. However, Morrone addressed all the rumors when his team reached out to him to talk about this topic.

After his team spoke to the 365 Days cast, Susinna, Morrone posted an Instagram story saying that he and Susinna are good friends and he sees him like a brother. 

Simone Susinna and Michele Morrone
Simone Susinna and Michele Morrone are like a brother

After that, all the rumors were cleared out, but again, it came into the limelight when Morrone and Susinna gave an intimate scene in 365 Days. Meanwhile, the topic of their dating life has also been a matter of concern to many.

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Who Is 365 Days Cast Simone Susinna Dating?

At the time of this writing, Simone Susinna is single, and he is not dating anyone. But some online portals claim that Susinna was in a relationship in the past. He dated Mariana Rodriguez from 2016 to 2017. 

In addition to that, Susinna was also linked romantically with Liza Makhu. On the other side, Michele Morrone was a married man in the past. Morrone tied the knot with his former wife, Rouba Saadeh, a Lebanese stylist, in 2014. 

The former pair had a civil marriage in Italy and Lebanon. According to Republicworld, Morrone has two sons named Marcudo Morrone and Brado Morrone. After some years of marriage, Morrone and Saadeh separated in 2018.