What Happened To Ash Kash? Everything About The Social Media Star Death Rumors

Ash Kaashh

Ash Kaashh is a TikTok sensation, nail artist, model among her many other credibilities. She is best known for her fashionable Instagram pictures. She is a young and talented web star who has garnered millions of social media followers on various platforms.

Additionally, she has launched her own acrylic nail business called Heaven Sent Nails. Ash is a partner at beauty brands like Fashion Nova and Cash Clout as well. Her audience has also been divided into two types: ones who absolutely adore her and the others who backlash against her.

She has essentially become a controversial social media star due to the conflicting views of people. Recently, there have been some rumors about her alleged death swirling around the internet. This rumor has caused the fans to seek the truth about her life.

What Happened To Ash Kaash? Death Rumors

Ash is always a part of rumors and news as a social media star. But this time, it is not any rumors, it is her death rumor that has been going viral all over Twitter. The rumors began when her Instagram profile started to memorialize. This normally only happens when someone passes away.

A lot of her Instagram followers rushed to Twitter after that. They began to share the screenshots of her Instagram account. This was how the rumored developed and spread. However, Ash is still alive and healthy at the moment. There is no truth in her death rumor.

Who Is Ash Kash?

Ash Kash was born on 9 January 1998. Her sizzling and raunchy Instagram pictures have always given her audience a reason to talk about her. Her photos are both heavily adored or heavily criticized. She is an entrepreneur apart from being a social media star,

She has started her own nail art business. She also owns a clothing brand called Fatal Attraction Collection. Her clothing brand is all set to be launched any time soon. She has also an OnlyFans account where she shares details for a subscription fee of $49.99.

She has maintained a sense of relevance among her fans on social media. She has been able to make a huge sum of money out of it as well. The Internet can be a dangerous place for influencers like her as well. Ash's private video has also gotten leaked on Reddit.

She loves body art in general, most specifically nail art. She also likes to keep her Instagram followers updated about her daily life. She has more than a million followers on her Instagram followers. But Ash had lost her access to the account at the time of the memorialization.

She is a wanderlust and absolutely loves to travel. She has already traveled to many different parts of the world. She has been to Mexico, Japan, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and many other countries. She is also not one of those stars who keep their life private. 

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Ash Kash Instagram

She had shared a number of stories on her official account a few hours before the death rumors. And then it got memorialized. Instagram does not let anyone log into the account once an account gets memorialized. Someone has to report the account to the Facebook-owned company to get an account memorialized.

It looks like her account was memorialized upon the request of another Instagram user. Some people have claimed that her account had got hacked. And hence the hackers got the account memorialized for the endorsement of child pornography.

Ash has finally gotten her Instagram account back. She has also gained 1 million Instagram followers back. It seems that she contacted Instagram and Instagram retracted the changes. She herself has not spoken a word of explanation so far.

Ash Kash Net Worth

Her first-ever Instagram post reads the caption I m going to be a millionaire. It is clear that Ash is an ambitious woman with big dreams. It looks like she already had something planned out to reach the millionaire status. She is not very far from her goal when it comes to money. Many sources have estimated her net worth between $700,000 and $900,000. Who knows, maybe she has already got where she wanted to.