Steven Yeun Wife-Up His Long-Time Girlfriend? Insight Into His Married Life

Steven Yeun with wife, Joana Pak

Fables that are inclusive of chapters covering love stories sound so pleasing to listen to. But, one individual from the entertainment industry, who has performed portrayals as such in movies has been living up that way in real life.

His name is Steven Yeun, a renowned face of America who has been contributing to the industry as a flamboyant actor and producer for years. Just as colossal as his career is, so is his personal life.

The actor has been living up to that fable in real life which many of us create fake scenarios of. From lovers to the wedded couple, his journey with his wife, Joana Pak, has been a hot pot discussion to many. 

We will dive into his impeccable love story but first, let us have an insight into his life. 

Steven Yeun: Who Is He? Wiki and Age

Yeun Sang-yeop, recognized as Steven Yeun was born on December 21, 1983, in Seoul, South Korea. His age is thirty-nine as of 2022. The actor was born to parents Je Yeun and June Yeun. He descends from a pretty intellect family where his father worked as an architect.

Eventually, in 1988, the family shifted to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, where his sibling, a younger brother named Brian was born. Afterward, the family moved permanently to Troy, Michigan, United States of America, where his parents owned a beauty-supply store in Detroit.

Yeun is a dual national of South Korea and America who belongs to the Korean ethnicity. The actor belonging to an academic field carried expectations of prospering in medical science.


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However, Yeun's heart denied that and shifted his steps into acting. Initially, his parents were not happy at all with his in-prompt decision, but they later agreed as they had immense faith in their son's potential. 

Yeun did live up to their expectations as he sculpt himself into a shimmering star of Hollywood. The actor has been seen in movies like The Walking Dead and Minari. 

Moreover, the actor was even nominated for the best actor criteria in Minari. He might not have won the Oscars then, but he won the hearts of many. As beautiful his career track sounds, so is his love life.

Yeun's love story too has been a hot-pot discussion among a plethora of people. Let us now dive into the fable he has been relishing for years, his dating history, girlfriend, married life, love story, and a lot more. 

Steven Yeun's Adorable Love Story

Well, the story reflects many years back, when Yeun landed his eyes upon his girl, Joana Pak, an immensely talented photographer. The two ran across each other through a mutual friend in Chicago.

The first time they met, they did have an interaction but that was not meant to be romantic at all as Pak was dating someone else. Her then-relationship did not last long and reportedly she broke up with her ex shortly after her meeting with Yeun.

Both Yeun and Pak were unaware that fate had destined them to be together. Exactly a year after their first meeting Pak ran into a bar where the actor worked as a bartender.

According to People, Yeun states, 

I invited Jo out with two other friends who happened to be girls, which was the worst move of all time.

Many things happened amid, and Pak too ended up falling for him. The two knotted as boyfriend and girlfriend and started dating for a pretty good amount of time.

Steven Yeun with his wife Joana Pak
Steven Yeun with his wife Joana Pak (Image Source: People)

Not long after, Yeun got married to his long-time girlfriend, Joana Pak, in 2016. To this date, that is, 2022, their relationship goes strong with so much love, respect, and passion for each other. 

Do Steven Yeun and His Wife Have Children?

The answer to this is yes. Pak and Yeun are blessed with two adorable kids in their lives. 

They have a son named Jude Malcolm, and a daughter. The family of four has been spotted multiple times together, and it is vivid how a small family cherishes all the small moments of life.

Both husband and wife have been prospering their lives while retaining the essence of love. Yeun has a beautiful family rejoicing the flavors of love and success accordingly.

Both husband and wife being immensely talented garner a hefty sum through their colossal career tracks. 

Steven Yeun's Net Worth

According to celebrity net worth, Steven Yeun has a net worth of $5 million. Not much of his salary speculations have been figured out yet.

The actor has been relishing a win-win life alongside a colossal career, a beautiful wife, and a happy married life.