The 2020 Olympic All-Round Champion, Sunisa Lee's Biography - Sneak Peak On Her Height And Age

Sunisa Lee

Sunisa Lee, AKA Suni Lee, is an  American artistic gymnast who has achieved huge success at such a young age. For instance, she bagged the gold medal(individual) and a silver medal (team) in the 2020's Olympics. And for accomplishing such a big goal, Lee said that,

"This is such a surreal moment. I just feel like I could have never been here ever. It doesn't even feel like real life."

It is not the only achievement of her so far. Sunisa has several other wins like Silver Medal in 2019's World Championship (Floor Exercise), Bronze Medal in 2019's World Championship (Uneven Bars), and many more, which we will be discussing below.

Besides, Suni has also competed in many regional levels until the date. Along with her career and other detail on her life like net worth, dating status, and more, the Celebrityshine has prepared a full bio in the article;

Sunisa Lee's Hard Work Paid Off - Her Early Career, Training, And 2020 Summer Olympics

Sunisa was interested in gymnastics from her childhood, so she wanted to learn more about it as the time passed by. Eventually, Lee began her training in the gymnastics at one of the centers, Midwest Gymnastics Center in Little Canada, Minnesota.

Soon after, at the age of seven, Sunisa initiated participating at the state meet. Plus, she won in those competitions as she was highly skilled even at that early age.

Then, in 2015, Sunisa became qualified for the elite level. And she made her debut by competing at the 2016 U.S. Classic.

Two years later, in 2017, Lee was added to the Junior National Team. She started her journey by making a debut at the Gymnix International Junior Cup. Also, the gymnast won the silver medal in uneven bars (individual) and the gold medal in the team event.

In 2018, the American gymnast attended the 2018 Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships with her U.S. team. As usual, Sunisa and the team won the gold medal. Plus, as a solo, she took a silver medal with her on the vault, floor exercise, and balance beam. 

In the same year, Sunisa won the gold medal on the balance beam at the 2018 U.S. Classic.

Then, during her senior year in 2019, Suni won the gold medal at the City Jesolo in all-around, uneven bars and floor exercises. Plus, in the event, she won the gold medal in the team event. 

Later, in the 2019 U.S. Classic, Sunisa acquired a silver medal in uneven bars. Likewise, in the 2019 U.S. National Championships, she received a gold medal in uneven bars, a silver medal in all-around, and a bronze medal in the floor exercise. Plus, in the same year, the gymnast represented the U.S. and won the gold medal with the team.


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On top of that, Lee got a silver medal in floor exercises and a bronze medal in uneven bars at the 2019 World Championships.

Later, in 2021, Sunisa ranked the first place in uneven bars and third in balance beam at the Winter Cup. Then, at the U.S. National Championships, she came second (silver medal) in all-around and balance beam, first (gold medal) in uneven bars.

As known, she won the gold medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics all-around and became the first Hmong American to achieve such a goal to date.

The Broken Foot And Family Tragedy Made Sunisa Lee Stronger 

Due to COVID-19, Sunisa also suffered from mental health. Like, she even decided to quit her gymnasium as the Olympics became postponed. However, her family supported her and showed her the way, making her stop taking such a decision.

Next, in June 2020, Sunisa injured her foot. She had to rest for almost two months as the bone in her left foot was broken. But, Lee recovered from that injury within that time.

However, Sunisa faced another tragic event, where she lost her uncle and aunt due to the virus in the summer of 2020.

But, the gymnast overcame all such emotional and heartbreaking moments after some time. Also, in June 2021, Sunisa told ESPN that" she has been a lot better mentally." Plus, Lee added by saying that she was super proud of herself.

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Know About Sunis Lee's Father Accident

Back in 2019, Sunisa's father, John Lee, encountered an uncertain accident in his neighborhood, which led him to be paralyzed from the waist down. The incident took place when John was helping one of his neighbors in cutting down the tree, but he fell off the ladder. 

After that, John has not been able to do any hard works and has not used his athletic body for good. But, he has not stopped encouraging his daughter, Sunisa. And his motivative words are the result of the gymnast's win in the 2020 Summer Olympics.

How Much Is Sunisa Lee Net Worth? Info On Her Income And More

The 2020 Olympic all-around champion has been earning considerable money since the beginning of her career. Sunisa has won numerous events and championships, so she has generated a good amount.

As of 2021, Sunis Lee has a net worth of $2 Million. And within in coming years, her total fortune will increase for sure.

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Is Sunisa Lee Dating? Know About Her Boyfriend

Sunisa has taken all over the media and social platforms as of July 2021. Along with her fame, her personal life has also become a trending topic. However, Lee has kept her romantic life private.

Also, she has no previous dating history. So, Sunisa is not dating anyone and is focused on her career.

Sunisa Lee Wiki - Age And Education

Sunisa was born on March 9, 2003, in St. Paul, Minnesota, the United States Of America. As of writing, she is 18 years old. And she secures Pisces as a birth sign.

Talking about education, Sunisa went to South St.Paul High School. And she graduated from the school in 2021.

Next, Suni will be attending the Auburn University from the mid-2021.

Detail On Sunisa Lee Parents - Father, Mother, And Siblings

Sunisa was born to her mother, Yeev Thoj, and her unidentified biological father. By profession, Yeev is a healthcare worker.

When Suni turned two, Yeev(mother) met a man John Lee. Soon after that, the gymnast got the fatherly love and care from John. Unfortunately, though he(John) is not Sunisa's birth father, he has taken care of her like his own daughter.

Similarly, Sunisa's parents are from Laos originally. Both John and Yeev migrated to the United States when they were children with their respective families. 

Likewise, the gymnast's father and mother have been the greatest support system till now. They were the ones to motivate her to chase her dream.

Besides, Sunisa has two sisters named Shyenne and Evionn. Also, the gymnast has three brothers, Jonah, Noah, and Lucky.

Sunisa Lee Height And Weight

Sunisa is 5 feet (1.52 m) tall. And she has a fit body which makes her stand out in the crowd. Also, Lee has black eyes and hair.

Likewise, Sunisa weighs 50kgs (112 lbs). And her body measurements are 34-25-36.

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Sunisa Lee Ethnicity And Nationality

Sunisa's parents are originated from Laos, so she has roots in that specified place. Though she was born in the United States, her ethnicity is Hmong American.

In general terms, Hmong Americans are those who moved to the U.S. as refugees. And, those people who lived in the Southeastern China but migrated to the countries like Laos and Thailand for freedom are called Hmong people.

Similarly, Sunisa holds an American nationality.

Interesting Facts About Sunisa Lee:

  • Sunisa Lee is known by her nickname, Suni Lee.
  • Sunisa was just six years old when she started taking training in gymnastics.
  • As of 30th July 2021, she has 1 million followers on her Instagram, @sunisalee_.
  • Besides, Sunisa has 699.1K followers on her TikTok account, @sunisalee_.
  • Sunisa's religion is Christianity.
  • Suni Lee's head coach is Jess Graba.