Sydney & Isaiah: Love Island USA's Most Troubled Couple

Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell

Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell promptly linked with each other in the Season 4 of Love Island USA, but their present relationship is kind of harsh and negative. 

Despite being recognized in the most viewed show- Love Island USA, the couple always had their reasons for unforgiveness, toxic traits, their instability. Do you wanna know why and what we can learn from their relationship?

Sydney Paight Wiki

A famously known contestant on Love Island USA, for her feud and disagreements with her fellow contestant Isaiah, is now talked about most by her fans. The 22-year-old quickly vibed with Isaiah on the very first day at the villa, where the connection was mutual between both of them. 

But, lately, Sydney has been speculated to have overreacted to her emotions and been quite hypocritical. We will be unraveling more about the individual and her nature towards her chosen love! 

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Isaiah Campbell Wiki

A quick-wit and recently earning the title of the most disliked Islander on Love Island USA, Isaiah, is considered as an immature lad as he is partnered with Sydney Paight. 


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The 21-year-old waiter, who particularly belongs to Florida, is seen making her woman cry in many of the episodes by making her feel insecure. Let's get to know more about the duo and their love-hate relationship. 

Why Is Sydney & Isaiah Considered the Most Troubled?

It appeared from the very first episode that the couple was gelled up organically and vibed pretty well. The contestants from the Love Island USA Season 4, two are talked about the most by their fans and viewers. 

The couple acted as if they were in love at first sight, for which Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell’s chemistry did not last long enough for they had been quarreling and crying over disputes.

As the season progressed, the pair proved enough on their compatibility and their nature to be problematic. Sydney and Isaiah were mismatched with many other fellow Islanders and went on a date with them, but the duo ended up choosing each other which on the contrary, was not meant to last long. 

Both of their twisted romance was what first meant to be a passionate love affair, later they both proved to be extremely toxic to one another. In episode 1, when Sydney stepped toward Isaiah, he barely hesitated, but the issues shortly escalated post a few episodes later.

When Isaiah demanded he needed to get in touch with the opposite female islanders, Sydney did not take it affirmatively. Soon as she heard this, she began weeping and the dispute started to unravel. It could also be seen that Sydney wanted to harm Isaiah with her personal alternative. 

Sydney and Isaiah (Source: Somag News

When Sydney was selected by Andy, Sydney mocked with a smile and ran to her associate. By this, Isaiah was reasonably hurt and was later seen kissing Mady.

Sydney could not understand his actions and how Isaiah turned all the tables upside down and was later frowned upon. The viewers discretely took her behavior as a hypocrite.

But shockingly, later that day, everything was resolved and she quickly accepted an apology from Isaiah confessing she has emotions for him. 

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Fans Take On Their Feud

This started to play on loop, and Isaiah’s behavior was too much to tolerate due to his rudeness and immaturity, where several fans took to Twitter to call him a traitor.

Sydney opened up about how emotionally scarred Isaiah has made, and her difficulties being in an abusive relationship. She also added how his partner’s behavior and harsh words are triggering for her mentally and emotionally.  

Many of the fans and viewers put out their rage and unacceptability by sharing opinions and discussions with a hashtag- #LoveIslandUSA.The fans, however, did not take the matter in a light manner and aren’t so forgiving after all!