Explanation On Divorce Drama Between Taylor Frankie Paul And Tate Paul

Taylor Frankie Paul stated that she and her husband Paul Tate were divorcing.
Taylor Frankie Paul
Taylor Frankie Paul IG

TikTok celebrity Taylor Frankie Paul is gaining huge attention on social media. The news that the TikToker and her husband Tate Paul were divorcing went viral. The two are no longer together, according to the influencer. On the other hand, Internet users find it difficult to understand that their favourite internet couple is parting ways. Some have speculated that Taylor and her husband Tate are getting divorced due to drama on Reddit and TikTok. However, Taylor's TikTok videos make it difficult to know which narrative elements are true.

Taylor Frankie Paul Wiki

Taylor Frankie Paul was born on May 23, 1994, in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. Taylor will be 28 years old in 2022. Taylor is of American descent and belongs to the white ethnicity. The general public is unaware of Taylor's family history. Taylor has two younger siblings: a brother named Hunter May and Aspen May's sister.

Paul has had a successful and extended career. Dance videos to popular songs, motherly content, and humor make up most of her Instagram and Tiktok uploads and content. She frequently shares photos of her kids and husband on social media.

Taylor Frankie Paul's Husband Tate Paul

Taylor Frankie Paul married Tate Paul, a district supervisor, after meeting him in January 2016. Tate Paul is a district manager for AdvancedMD and a sales manager for a private organization. On August 7, 2016, the couple met after a seven to eight-month romance.

On August 31, 2017, Taylor Frankie Paul gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Indy Paul. After three years of waiting, Taylor gave birth to a very lovely baby called Ocean Paul on June 18, 2020. Four of them presently reside in S. Jordan, Utah, in the United States.

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Did Taylor Cheat On Her Husband?

According to Reddit, Taylor Paul and Brayden Rowley are having an affair, and she has cheated on her husband, Tate, though this has yet to be confirmed. In this drama, her friends are also against her because she is the cheater playing the victim card. The identity of Paul's new partner was published on Reddit, but not much else is known about him. People have started leaving comments on her most recent social media posts, demanding more details and explanations.

Taylor has now decided to divorce her husband and has publicly stated her decision. She becomes increasingly trolling after this, and the audience unfollows him on all accounts. They are furious, yet his admirers are delighted to go to such lengths. On social media, dozens of new memes have been developed and circulated. Now she's having a lot of trouble, and her husband wants to launch a lawsuit against her.

Divorcing Drama

When Taylor Frankie Paul announced that she would divorce her spouse Tate on her Instagram story, rumors about her divorce began to circulate. She couldn't think of any other word to describe the situation. Paul recognizes that because her life and job are public, questions may arise, and it is only appropriate that she informs her lovers and followers.
Taylor has posted multiple TikToks in which she makes subtle comments about her current circumstances and an Instagram Story. She says in one video that she is in her twenties, getting divorced, and going to live alone with her two children for the first time. 

Taylor's Husband
Taylor Paul with husband Tate Paul (Source: IG)

She shows a video of her moving boxes in another and says her entire life is falling apart. Taylor seemed to be in relatively good shape in these films, but she suddenly threw a significant wrench in the narrative she'd built with a new video that seemed to imply that the story of her divorce was not as it seemed.

Taylor Might Not be Divorcing After All The Dramas

Taylor's latest video has a montage of photos of herself and Tate and photographs of them dancing together. "It's on Reddit, so you know it's true. I'm looking forward to co-parenting with my best friend "reads the caption. At the very least, it appears that Tate and Taylor will continue to live together, which has left many of Taylor's fans perplexed.

One reader remarked, "Divorce is no laughing matter." "As much as I don't want them to break up, I don't want this to turn into a joke." Others speculated that it was a publicity stunt. The full story of this probable divorce is yet unknown to us.