TikTok Star Stacey Pentland Passes Away Battling With Terminal Cancer

Stacey Pentland

Stacey Pentland was a British TikTok star and media personality. She was extremely attached to the TikkTok community. She used to share the details of her fatal illness with her fans through the video-sharing platform. Her fans used to show their support for her.

She had gained documented her battle with cancer for her well-wishers. She was suffering from Iymphobia cancer for a long time. Her fans and well-wishers are heartbroken at the news of her unfortunate demise. They are mourning her loss and sending condolences to her family.

Stacey Pentman

TikTok Star Stacey Pentland Loses A Cancer Battle

Stacey was a mother of four children. Her battle with cancer was what caught the attention of people. They were very supportive of her journey and battle. They all were rooting for her to recover from the illness very soon. But the news of her untimely death has left them devastated.

Sadly, it was confirmed through TikTok that she passed away after 19 months of battle. She left the world on the afternoon of 18 November this year. The obituary of Stacey is yet to be published. The Pentland family includes her husband and kids who are grieving the loss.

COVID-19 has already taken away way many lives. It also played a major role in her demise. She was infected with the virus in January of 2021. The infection worsened her cancer. It led cancer to spread at a faster rate than it normally would. 

Stacey did know that she might or might not survive the trauma. Hence, she wanted to spend as much time as possible with her children. She had undergone grueling chemotherapy treatment in order to get more time with the kids.

Stacey Pentland

Source: Leak Herald

The grieve-stricken family is left with an unfillable void. Her kids are left motherless which is a great tragedy. It might take a long time before they can accept it and move ahead in their life. We wish strength to the Pentland family at this painful hour.

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Who Was Stacey Pentland?

Stacey Pentland was a British TikToker. She was a supporting wife to her husband Anthony and a loving mother to their four children. She has three daughters: Chloe, Sophie, Geordie as well as a son named AJ. The personal details of her husband are yet to surface.

She used to reside in New Castle, England with her family. It looks like her fans had been asking many questions about her absence from the platform. Her family had responded with a request for privacy:

It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that our beautiful Stacey passed away at 20 to 2. Can I ask you to respect the family’s privacy at this difficult time.

Stacey Pentland TikTok

TikTok had become her platform to share her pain. She had documented her cancer battle on the video-sharing app. She had also shared her concerns about the expenses her family had to incur after her death. However, her life was more precious than anything for her family.

Stacey had relied on the benefits for the expenses of chemotherapy treatment. She used to post Tikoks on her account @stacey352. Her TikTok account had accumulated more than 200 thousand followers. She was also able to garner 5.5 million likes on her videos.

She had joined the platform in April of the year 202. Her TikTok bio depicted her love for her family:

#nevergiveup love my family so much #feelingluckytobealive

Her bio also shows how lucky she felt to just be alive in this world. Stacey had also created her wish list which was linked to her TikTok bio. For many, TikTok is a platform to share exciting lifestyles. Stacey had stood out with her calm content. She had developed a like-minded community as well. 

She knew nothing about cancer before she got it. Her main objective behind her videos was to create more awareness for those like her. She also felt unbelievably lonely in her journey and did not want anyone else to feel the same way she did.

Her last video on TikTok was shot a few days prior to her death. She had shared how she had crawled up the stairs to reach her bed after making toast for her husband in the video.