The Voice: Who Is Bekah Liechty? Talk About Personal Life, Age, Wiki And Family

Bekah Liechty

Bekah Liechty is a member of the band called The Girl Named Tom. Her band is actually a popular trio band from Perrysville located in Ohio. The trio consists of her and her two siblings: Joshua Liechty and Caleb Liechty. They got the first four-chair turn in the 21st season of The Voice.

Just like that, her childhood dream has finally come true. Her appearance in the singing reality show has given her exposure to the public. Her extraordinary performance has also caught the attention of many. People are curious about the personal life of Bekah.


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Bekah Liechty Wiki, Family, And Age

Bekah Liechty was born in August of the year 2000 to her father Chris Liechty and mother Holly Liechty. Her date of birth makes her 21 years old as of 2021. She was brought up alongside her siblings Caleb and Joshua in Ohio. Her siblings are graduates of Goshen College.

Her biggest dream was to appear and perform in a singing competition. She used to spend hours singing alone when she was young. She worked hard to move towards her goal and has finally pursued it. She created her band The Girl Named Tom with her siblings in 2019 in their hometown Perrysville.

But they relocated to South Bend in Indiana a year later. It was their mother Holly who gave the spirit to the band. The trio together has released music in 2019 that includes a five-song debut EP titled Another World. They have also delivered another single called Backup Plan in early 2021.

The parents of the Liechty siblings are extremely supportive. She is the youngest child in her family at 21. Her brother Joshua is 24 years old whereas her oldest brother Caleb is 26 years old. All of them had taken piano lessons and vocal lessons separately while growing up.


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Bekah has done so much progress at the age of 21. Her future looks definitely bright as a singer. Her fan following is also on the all-time rise. Her Instagram account has been able to garner 13.7k followers as of November.

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The Voice: Bekah Liechty 

The trio had performed in the popular singing reality show The Voice. They had sung the song Helplessly Hoping to aim to turn a chair. Their fantastic voice managed to turn all four chairs of the judges. They have become the ideal contestants of the show.

All of the judges of the show were thoroughly impressed with their performance. In the end, judge Kelly Clarkson became the one who was given the honor of mentoring them. The competition had taken place over the summer. But the mother of the trio did not get a chance to see their performance until after the season aired.

Bekah and her brothers

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They are embarking upon a beautiful journey in the show. They will move to the Knockout Round if they can survive the battle round. Battle Round is quite similar to Knockout Round. They will then perform during the live performances of the show.

Bekah Liechty Personal Life

Bekah Liechty went on a trip with her brothers in 2019. Their mother had initiated the idea that they call up all their friends and family across the nation to find any connection. They loved the idea as it was a good excuse for them to bond and travel.

Their family and friends are very happy for them. In fact, a lot of them felt famous after Bekah and the brothers went on The Voice. Caleb has said:

It’s been cool to see family and friends tell us they felt famous after our performance

There has been no information about the romantic life of Bekah. She is more likely super focused on her singing rather than in relationships. She seems happy and satisfied in her personal life. She is also grateful for the success she has been a part of.