How Much Has Thogden Earned From YouTube? Learn About His Real Name, Early Life, Career, And More


Thogden is a British YouTuber who has accumulated fame from his prank videos on YouTube. His videos also feature the detailing of his experiences at big-time soccer matches. His YouTube channel has 715k subscribers as of October 2021.

Thogden's popularity has left his fans wondering, How much does he earn from YouTube? He is considered one of the richest YouTube Stars. Thogden's net worth is estimated at $1.61 Million. Some sources claim it to be over $2.25 million as well. Whatever the exact figure is, the YouTuber has reached a milestone at such a young age. He has successfully made a big name on the internet. 

Thogden’s YouTube channel receives  6.71 million views per month on average. That translates to 223.55 thousand views per day. His net worth is estimated on the basis of the generalized rule of $5 to $7 for every thousand views.


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His Earnings From YouTube

His YouTube earning from the month of September 2021 is shown to be $7.05K. Thogden's annual income from YouTube is estimated at $402.38 thousand. This is merely based on some generalized data but his income can be much higher than the given figure too.

Successful YouTubers get sponsors on their videos as well. They can easily increase their revenues by promoting the sponsored products. It is hard to predict how much Thogden earns from sponsorship. 

Real Name And Early Life

Thogden was born on 7 April 2001 in the United Kingdom to father Stephen Ogden and an undisclosed mother. His real name is Theo Ogden and the name Thogden comes from his real name. His father also owns a YouTube channel by the name of Thogdad. The name is attributed to him by Thogden's fans from seeing him on the YouTuber's channel.

Thogden belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. He was passionate about soccer since childhood. This later translated as a career in his life.

Thogden's father

Thogden with his father aka Thogdad (Source: Biography Mask)

Thogden had a participation in Wroetoshaw and KSI in FIFA in a vlog from June 2016. The educational background of the YouTube star is still under the wraps. He is assumed to be a high school graduate from his age. Although unnamed, his artistic mother has been given the credit of sparking Thogden's passion for art and drawing.


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Thogden is quite close to his family members. He has posted a few pictures of him with his father on his Instagram. His mother has also made an appearance on Thogden's YouTube channel. We can see his sister Sima Ogden on his video titled REACTING TO MY SISTERS GCSE RESULTS 2018 - STRAIGHT A*s...

Thogden posted an Instagram picture with superstar rapper in May 2016. It has been revealed that his mother knows through a friend.

Quick Facts About Thogden

Birthplace Harrogate, England
Siblings 1 sister
Age 20
Zodiac Sign Aries

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How Did His Career Begin?

His YouTube channel Thogden was created on 23 November 2014. He uploads videos of him going to football matches and about his life. A video titled OMG MY FIRST VIDEO! – WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL!!!! is one of the first videos posted on his channel. His recent video titled I sat in the middle of LIVERPOOL and MAN CITY fans at ANFIELD… was posted on 4 October 2021. It received more than 200k views within just 24 hours.

The most popular video of him is titled LOGAN PAUL FILMS A DEAD BODY ON HIS VLOG... (reupload) has accumulated over 11 million views. His YouTube channel has over 1200 videos as of October 2021. 

Is He Dating Someone?

Thogden has gained a lot of female fans who want to know about his dating life. But he has not diverted his attention from his career. He is focused more on his professional growth than on romantic relationships. So, Thogden is still single.

Social Media Reach

His Instagram account has a total of 196k followers. Most of his pictures on Instagram consist of him in football stadiums. He is equally active on Twitter as well with 92k followers on his account.

Height, Eye Color, Hair Color

The height and weight of the YouTuber have not been revealed yet. He has blonde hair and hazel blue eyes.