Tricia Day and JJ da Boss’ Crashed Into an Accident: What Are They Doing Now?

Tricia Day

Tricia Day is a popular car racer and a famous television personality who is known for her astounding performances and stunts on-screen.

Day is also popularly known as Midget or Tricia in the racing world. 

The car racer was seen in a star reality television show Street Outlaws: Gone Girl which is shown on the Discovery channel.

Recently the accident she struck through has made her fans worry quite a lot. 

Tricia Day’s Wiki and Age

Tricia Day was born on 10th August 1973 in Memphis, Tennessee, the United States of America. 

The car racer stands at a height of 5ft tall and is also acknowledged as one of the shortest yet most power-pact racers. 

Not much information relative to her family has been articulated on the Internet so far. It is assumed that her father was remarried. There is no more information about her family, cousins, and siblings till today. The information will be updated as soon as it is available.

The racer was born and raised in her own birthplace. Besides her professional life, the racer is married and has beautiful children of her own.

Tricia Day’s Marital Status: Who Is Her Husband?

Tricia Day is married to the love of her life JJ Da Boss'. The couple exchanged their vows on 2009. They dated for certain years before getting married to each other.

She walked down the aisle with a life partner as dexterous as her. He too is a car racer who has been setting milestones.

As per relatives and close friends of the couple, the time they took to land up on to this decision was a long process and they ensured to take things as slowly as possible.

The couple is parents to eleven children and five grandchildren. Although Tricia is not a biological mother to all the children. Tricia and Jonathan are biological parents to four children and the rest of the other children took birth from Jonathan's ex-wife.

The couple is assumed to be in a healthy relationship as there are no rumors about their separation or divorce to date.  Let us know more about her husband.

There is a huge rumor that Jonathan and Tricia suffered a huge accident.

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Tricia Day with husband
Tricia Day with her husband ( Image source: Wikibirthday )

Tricia Day and JJ da Boss Crashed Each Other and Faced a Huge Accident

The couple was injured in a crash while they were shooting in La Vegas, Texas, USA. As per the investigation report, the accident occurred when the couple was racing against each other in their Chevy Novas.

The couple made a contact as they were speeding down the dragstrip. Day's car hit the production van and was injured badly.

Even in such conditions, the couple was beside each other through their treatment. After the tragic accident, they also reminded everyone that we need to be careful while riding even if we have professional skills.

An Instagram account also posted a video of them in the hospital after the accident where JJ Da Boss posted live about the hard work of people while preparing his car.

Day was more injured than her husband JJ Da Boss. Later Day was taken to the local hospital for her treatment process. 

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What Are Tricia Day And JJ Da Boss' Doing These Days?

Besides getting engaged in car racing, Jonathan and Day also own a business where they sell and repair cars.

Day is also equally supportive of her husband in this matter and helps him with preparing and polishing cars.


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Tricia Day's Net Worth

As to a few sources, the car racer has a net worth of over $1 million. Her salary is under review and not many revelations have been made encircling this aspect of hers. 

There are assumptions that the racer bags a salary ranging from $20k-$40k. However, no matter how much and what she earns, Day is one such example of women empowerment who is born to inspire millions.