Usman Umar From '90 Day Fiance': Wiki, Net Worth, And Personal Life

Usman Umar

Usman Umar is a reality televisions personality. He rose to fame after starring in the hit reality TV show called 90 Day Fiance. He is more popular among his fans by his nickname SojaBoy. He is all set to make a come back to the show.

This time he is with his new lady love. He was famous for his chaotic relationship with Lisa aka Baby Lisa as he would like to call her. It seems like he is now finally ready to move on from her and begin a new romantic relationship again. 

His comeback had already fascinated the show viewers. The news of his new love interest posed as the cherry-on-the-top. The details of his personal life have begun to resurface once again with his arrival.

Usman Umar Wiki

Usman Umar was born on 8 October 1988 in Nigeria. He hails of Black ethnicity. His Zodiac sign is Libra and he was raised Muslim by his parents. He has not revealed a lot of information about his parents and other family members.

He has mentioned his mother in one instance though. He has said that his mother was really disappointed in him when he told her that he met his new girlfriend online. She was so angry that she did not speak to Usman for three months after finding out. She wanted him to find a Muslim girl instead.

He was a self-proclaimed Nigerian rapper before he entered the world of reality television. The Nigerian people remember him for the song he wrote for Lisa. He chose the name Sojaboy during his rapper phase. It was not until 2016 that he came to the limelight after he starred on 90 Day Fiance with his ex-girlfriend Lisa.

His large age gap with the former girlfriend was largely talked about. Lisa Hamme was 22 years older than Usman. Things quickly went south between the former couple after they decided to get married. Lisa remarried shortly after her split from Usman.

However, she is still considered his wife legally. Lisa claims that their marriage was never legal and has moved on happily into her next marriage. Reportedly, she was very jealous of young female fans of Usman which ultimately caused them to separate.

Usman has also garnered a lot of fan following on various social media platforms. His Instagram alone has a total of 213 thousand followers as of December 2021. His re-appearance has hiked up his followers by thousands.

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Who Is The New Girlfriend Of Usman Umar?

Usman is back and is with a new lady now. He is with a woman named Kim. She is 50 years old and is originally from San Diego, California. She is also much older than Usman just like his ex-girlfriend. Usman is 33 years old making him 18 years younger than Kim.

Their relationship started as merely a friendship in the beginning. The two met online and exchanged texts, calls, and video chats for months. They then decided to meet up to take a new step in the relationship. In one of the teasers of the show, Kim is heard saying:

I flew halfway across the world to meet the man of my dreams. I messaged him and he messaged me back

She feels honored to fall in love with an international superstar like Usman. Kim is overjoyed about their new relationship. Usman was hesitant to commit a full-blown relationship with her considering his last relationship. But he is now sure that he wants to marry her.

Usman Umar Personal Life

He has another name on the list of the women he has dated. Angela Deem is one such another name. He had called her a pig and called her a liar as well. This has also resulted in a fight between her and his fiance Kim. Kim even threw a drink in his face as seen in the trailer.

Usman believes that Lisa and Kim do not represent American women very well. It will be interesting to find out how his love life is going to turn in the future. For now, Kim and Usman are together but not married yet. 

Usman Umar In 90 Day Fiance

The reality television show 90 Day Fiance was a huge hit which gave the show a spin-off series named 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Usman was part of the main cast in 2016 alongside Lisa in the first season of the spinoff. 

He is back for the fifth season of the show with Kim. Usman has gushed over how she is different from Lisa. Lisa apparently had used the racial slur on Usman which got her fired from the show. She also often complained about him crating on her.

Net Worth

Usman is estimated to have a net worth of $75,000 in total. He has made this money from the reality TV show and his rap music. He also used to host several events prior to his appearance in the show. His net worth is bound to rise with his comeback.