Vikkstar Is Engaged to His Long-Time Girlfriend! Who Is She?


Some YouTubers have a wholesome fanbase inclusive of people all around the globe. One such YouTuber who garnered immense love from the people all around is Vikkstar. 

If you are a gaming fan, you would definitely not want to miss out on this gentleman. He uploads pretty much all of the videos relative to gaming. Such videos aided him a lot to rise to fame as such. 

It is not just his gaming capabilities that keep his viewers driven towards his video, Vikkstar is also a barrel of laughs who has mastered the art of keeping his audience engaged to an extent. 

Just as his gaming videos garner the attention of many, the news of him getting engaged too caught the sight of a lot of his fans. So, we will dive deep into the details but first, let us acknowledge a very short briefing on him. 

Vikkstar's Real Name, Wiki, and Age

Vikram Singh Barn aka Vikkstar was born on August 2, 1995, in Guildford, United Kingdom. The names of his parents are yet to be disclosed however they are speculated to be British nationals. 

As per the sources, he is the youngest born in his family out of three. Guildford was where the YouTuber lived for over eight years. 

Afterward, he shifted to Sheffield where he studied at Silverdale School.


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Academically, Barn was recognized as a brilliant school. Moreover, he was even offered to pursue his higher level studies with a major in Natural Sciences at University College London.

However, despite an offer as such, he rejected it as the YouTuber had different plans. He was always into gaming and making videos for entertainment which he later pursued as his passion.

Apart from his flamboyant upliftment, fans are recently quenched with questions related to his engagement news that has been ruling the Internet recently. 

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Is Vikkstar engaged?

On December 22, 2021, Barn made an announcement that made the audience gasp with excitement. He took his engagement news on his Instagram page captioned "We’re engaged! These years together have been magical, here’s to many more."


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The girl he has been dating chooses to lead her life away from all the camera flashing. Despite her staying away from the limelight her appealing appearance has captivated the hearts of each fan who adores Vikkstar. 

Speculations state that her name is Ellie Harlow, but since she has not really been tagged or mentioned in any of his posts, things can not be confirmed for now. 

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Who is Ellie Harlow?

Well, as mentioned above, she is just a name of speculation. But, a few credible sources claim her real name to be so. Things are yet to be confirmed. Moreover, nothing relative to her personal life or career background has been acknowledged yet.

Also, people quenched the YouTuber with questions regarding the lack of appearance of his girlfriend on his videos. They wonder about the reason behind her absence in his video despite him being a huge YouTube fame. 


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To such comments, he replied by stating how his girlfriend does not prefer showing her off in cameras or anything relative to their relationship in videos. Probably, she is a bit of a camera shy. 

So far, they have not really spoken much about their plans of getting married. But, we might hear anytime soon from them. 

We have acknowledged most of the portions regarding his personal life. Now, let us now brief on his net worth and earnings.

How much does Vikkstar earn? His Net Worth

Pretty credible sources state that the YouTuber bags a hefty sum of $9 million with his YouTube channel alone. His properties and assets are yet to be calculated.

However, with a massive net worth, a partner to cherish for life, and a colossal career, Vikkstar has paved a long way all along.