What Happened Between IShowSpeed and Sky Sports? Details on Ongoing Beef


IShowSpeed is a streamer, YouTuber and all-around internet celebrity who is widely famous for his hilarious reactions to videos on the internet. The internet star has recently been helping one of the biggest TV stations in Europe, Sky Sports, with its English Premier League games broadcasts.

It was until the executives at the channel discovered a video that went viral in April 2022, which was about IShowSpeed. Speed had been in the stands earlier this month to watch his favorite team Manchester United play against Fulham in the league. While there, Speed helped present segments for the channel and also emerged on their social media feeds.

But now, Speed's promotional material on Sky's social media has been deleted. It is reported that Sky decided after they were made aware of a viral video in April. 2022 In the video, Speed made extremely hostile and misogynistic comments to his teammates. We can find the clip on social media easily, and when Speed appeared in the social media feed of Sky Sports, fans posted the clips of the internet sensations in comments.

Due to this, Sky Sports' social media channels and website have removed all traces of Speed. Are you keen to learn more about the ongoing controversy between Sky Sports and IShowSpeed?

What Happened Between IShowSpeed and Sky Sports?

As said earlier, the teenage social media star is in the limelight after getting linked with the topic related to Sky Sports. Due to Speed's comments in the past, Sky Sports have removed all of Speed's post on their handles. Not only that, but Sky Sports have decided to cut any ties with Speed regarding future appearances on their channels.

Talking about IShowSpeed's past activity, he made hostile and misogynistic comments to his teammates while playing Valorant. Due to Speed's words, Games banned him from Valorant and League of Legends. After all these, fans waited for the response from Speed regarding the topic of Sky Sports banning him.

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IShowSpeed Finally Responds After Sky Sports Cuts Ties With Him

The YouTuber IShowSpeed finally responded in a message on Twitter just days after Sky Sports removed videos and cut ties with him after realizing past comments from the creator. 

For your information, Sky Sports' Geoff Shreeves had interviewed Speed just days prior. However, after they were cautioned about his past comments towards females, videos involving the YouTuber were suddenly removed.

So, now, IShowSpeed has opened his mouth. On November 18, Speed shared a series of tweets with his response to Sky Sports cutting ties with him. He said, 

"The clip of my appearance with Geoff and a few others has since been removed by Sky, and I have learned that this was due to the resurfacing of comments that I made in the past."

He continued,

"I'm 17 years old. I was 16 when that happened and made a huge mistake. It was stupid and immature. I immediately realized this and apologized. I will continue to work on myself as I navigate this world, growing up online."

"I recognize that I have a responsibility to set an example to those who follow and support me."

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Later, Speed also said that he would have loved to speak with Sky Sports before they made their decision. And Speed ended his statement by saying,

"I have tried reaching out to them and will continue to do so. I'm learning every day and totally own the mistake I made. I love the UK. Y'all have embraced me, and I appreciate it more than anything. My goal is to make people laugh, and I will continue to try and do that."