Who Is Draya Penzo? All About The 'Black Ink Crew: Chigao' Star's Tattoo Shop

Draya Penzo has left '2nd City Ink' after a verbal blow with co-star Charmaine Bay.
Draya Penzo
Photo: Draya Penzo Instagram

Draya Penzo is a cast member of the television reality show, Black Ink Crew since season 6. The show gives tattoo enthusiasts an insight into life working in tattoo shops 9 MAG and 2nd City Ink as a tattoo artist.

She recently caught the attention of the viewers as she decided to leave 2nd City Ink. She had started to work at 2nd City during season 6 of Black Ink Crew in 2019. Each episode in the series includes the latest staff gossip and drama involving Draya and her co-star Charmaine.

Who Is Draya Penzo?

Draya Penzo is a fun-loving, talented, confident, and self-taught tattoo artist. She mastered tattoo craft by watching YouTube videos. The artist looks all happy and confident in the show. But she has a past that includes an abusive relationship with a father who abandoned her and a mother.

Her tragedy didn't just end there. Her mother committed suicide after her father left them. She is a recently converted Buddhist and believes in samsara, the cycle of rebirth.

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Black Ink Crew: Chicago

Draya Penzo has been a cast member of Black Ink Crew for the last two years. The tattoo artist has accumulated many well-wishers and admirers through the show. Recent episodes had been showing her feud with fellow Black Ink Crew Star Charmaine Bey. 

Her leaving 2nd City Ink has been a hot topic among the viewers. The sixth season showed fellow artists calling out Charmaine Bey being for not having the licensing paperwork in place. This season however showcases Charmaine focusing on the shop and making attempts to ensure that legal issues are handled properly.

Why Did Draya Leave 2nd City Ink?

This is not the first time Draya has left 2nd Ink City. In fact, she had left it once in 2019 but came back again. So fans are unsure if she is going to come back like the last time or not.

Draya had left 2nd City in 2020 to join Ryan and his crew over at another tattoo shop 9 MAG.  This has caused a lot of bad blood between Draya and Charmaine. Fans have been wondering if they would ever be able to fix things. 

Charmaine had decided to give Draya a second opportunity to work at her shop for old-time sake. The two had also agreed to forgive and forget for the sake and betterment of 2nd City Ink.

Things did not continue to remain civil between the cast on Black Ink Crew: Chicago. In an exclusive clip ahead of the 1st November 2021 episode, Charmaine and Draya’s tattoo booth drama is shown to be continued to bubble at the surface. 

Draya And Charmaine Verbal Blow

Things got heated on the last episode of Black Ink Crew Chicago between Charmaine and Draya. Draya is not happy with Charmaine as she received only one pass for the tattoo convention. She is seen attempting to explain that she paid for half of the booth which will require her to get three passes.

Charmaine on the other hand only provided her with one. She claims that Draya only agreed to a guest spot at the booth and is calling foul on the situation. She also explains that she still has to honor Draya's work even though the entire shop agreed to do the tattoo convention together.

Draya has claimed that she has never agreed to Charmaine's terms and conditions. This has caused a verbal blow between the two artists.

Draya Penzo Instagram

She has 24.1 k followers on her Instagram profile. Draya states that she is a Tattooist, Designer, and Painter in her bio. She shares breathtaking pictures of herself and the latest tattoos she has created. The majority of her fame on social media goes to the show itself.