Who Is LaurDIY? Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Early Life, Personal Life, And Social Media


LaurDIY is a Canadian YouTuber and professional Crafter. She is best known for her YouTube channel with a massive following. Her YouTube channel LaurDIY has a total of 8.71 million subscribers and has essentially given her the famous namesake.

She first started to post DIY tutorial videos on her blog during her first year at university. She later implemented the same idea in her YouTube videos. Her YouTube journey starts all the way back to late 2011. She has become an award-winning YouTuber as of now.

Her YouTube channel is considered one of the most well-regarded fashion and beauty channels in Canada. She has done numerous collaborative videos with other famous YouTubers as well. She has the reputation of a friendly YouTube star for this tendency.

She was also given the opportunity to host the HBO program called Craftopia. She has not left any field untouched. Her personal life and earnings are the topic of interest to many of her fans.


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LaurDIY Wiki And Early Life

Her birth name is actually Lauren Kobayashi Riihimaki. The name LaurDIY incorporates her real name with her profession. DIY aka 'Do It Yourself' became a huge trend with the arrival of platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

She was born on 11 August 1993 in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada to her mother Gail Riihimaki, and her father Grey Riihimaki. Her mother is Japanese whereas her father is Finnish making her hail of mixed ethnicity.  She started her YouTube channel during her college days in Toronto. 

Lauren embraced sports such as skating during her early life. She also developed a passion for music at a young age. She also took classes to learn instruments such as guitar and the piano. She was awarded as the Best female athlete during her middle school.  


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She has completed her middle schooling at Queen Mary Public School. Her high school education was completed at Winston Churchill High School. She attended Ryerson University for her undergrad where she majored in Graphic communication. She earned a degree in technology in 2015. 

She was done with middle school and joined Winston Churchill High School for her high education before enrolling at Ryerson University where she majored in Graphic Communication and graduated with a degree in technology in 2015.

She has bagged a Shorty Award in the category called House & Home. Lauren has also earned a Streamy Award in the Lifestyle category. Her YouTube fame has now extended to other social media platforms including Instagram and TikTok. 

LaurDIY Personal Life And Relationship 

Lauren does not have a very long list of ex-boyfriends. She has been in a total of three serious, romantic relationships in her lifetime. She started a relationship with fellow YouTuber Alex Burris in 2015. But the two parted ways in September 2018.

She later uploaded a video explaining her breakup story with Alex. The two seemed on good terms despite having broken up. She was also romantically linked to Sebastian Morris aka Baz in the past. He was her childhood friend. The two met in high school and dated between 2010 and 2015.

She started to date Jeremy Lewis in 2019. Jeremy is also her current boyfriend for the last 2 years. The two have been inseparable ever since. She initially wanted her relationship a secret. But she eventually introduced him as her boyfriend on her Instagram and YouTube channels. The two had also been quarantined together. They created a podcast called Wild 'Til 9 on 11 August 2020.  

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LaurDIY Net Worth

Lauren has an estimated net worth between $363.1 thousand and $511.14 thousand in 2021. Her main source of income is YouTube which makes her $91.27 thousand every year. Some other sources have claimed her net worth as high as $4 million. It will be accurate to say that she has made a great deal of money from her YouTube career

Age, Height, Weight, Social media

She is a social media star and hence is active on all the platforms. Her Instagram has crossed 4.4 million followers. Her TikTok account has garnered 2.2 million followers and 37.9 million likes. She is most active on YouTube with a total of 8.61 million subscribers. 

Lauren stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches and weighs 55 kilograms. She is 28 years old as of 2021 being born in 1993. Her features highlight her Asian ancestry from her mother.