Who Is Rich Paul? Here Is Everything You Want To Know About Adele's New Man

Paul and Adele

The rumor regarding Adele's new romantic interest had been around for a while now. Finally, the Grammy award-winning singer has acknowledged their relationship in public. She has made it official via her Instagram. The thirty-three years old singer was suspected of dating sports agent Rich Paul when Paul told the New Yorker in May they were "hanging out."  The couple attended Game 5 of the NBA Finals together in July, but since then it had been speculation only.

The 'Hello' singer didn't give away the news up-front, she was sneaky to introduce her new boyfriend via her Instagram. She started the post with two images of herself in a black and white gown but ended with a black and white selfie with Paul as the last image. She has captioned it with a simple heart emoji although she did not tag Paul in the picture.

Adele and Paul in NBA finals

Adele and Paul in NBA final ( Source: Vulture.com)

It has been two months since they were spotted together in the NBA finals. A source had claimed to Page Six that the two were “100 percent” dating. But there were no other proofs of it. Paul himself had denied the rumor in an interview.

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Who is Rich Paul?

Rich Paul is a big-time sports agent. He launched an agency in 2012, Klutch Sports Agency. It is a part of the United Talent Agency which represents LeBron James, Ben Simmons, John Wall, and Anthony Davis, among other NBA players. It has been reported that Klutch received over $1 billion in contract values.

Paul told the New Yorker in June 2021 that wanted to be an athlete growing up. Paul played basketball and football as a child. He changed his path because he felt that his size was not big enough as his heart to become an athlete. He became an entrepreneur and a businessman who studies players’ behavior instead.

Paul is also becoming an author very soon. He is writing his first memoir Lucky me. Singer Jay-Z is Paul's mentor. He spent his childhood in Cleveland. His memoir captures his beautiful childhood days. The memoir also incorporates the lessons he learned as he rose to fame.

"Lucky Me" is more than my story. Lucky Me is the story of every young black man who grew up like me. I want to use my story to uplift and inspire those who lived this and educate those who didn’t.


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Paul had a rough childhood. His mother battled drug abuse. Thus he had to live with his grandmother and a great-uncle growing up.  As a kid, it broke his heart to see other kids and their experiences with their parents. He wanted to experience the same. His father was diagnosed with intestinal cancer when he was in college. After the unfortunate death of his father, he dropped out of college.

Before rising to prominence, Paul sold sports jerseys in 2002 where he met his first client James while waiting for a flight to Atlanta. The duo began working together after that, and the rest is history. James told the publication that he believed Paul’s childhood has actually been helpful to him in the business world as an adult.

Paul is thirty-nine years old. He has three children but he has never been married.

Adele's relationships

Adele's nationality is British. She has a record of being one of the best-selling music artists with over a hundred million records sold.


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Her ex-husband Simon Konecki is a charity CEO with whom Adele has a son. Their son Angolo is nine years old. The precise reason for their separation has not been disclosed yet. It is most likely because the two lost passion for one another.

The songwriter and singer had not made any statement about her relationship with Paul prior to this. Hence the rumor had started to cool down. When exactly did they begin to date is still unclear. However, it is speculated that it started after Adele's divorce from her ex-husband Konecki got finalized. 

Fans hope to see more of Adele and Paul's relationship in the future.