Who Is Trophy Wife Actor Darren Sirell Cain? Explore His Wiki, Age, Girlfriend & Social Media

Darren Sirell Cain

Darren Sirell Cain also known as Darren Cain is an African American actor and producer. He is an exceptional entertainer and maker who is well known for starring as a Senior Special Agent Jason Cole in the action thriller Rift in 2021. He is also duly noted for starring as Devin in OWN original movie, First Christmas (2020), and as Peter Promnickle (a recurring role) in Tyler Perry’s Bet+ series, Bruh (2020).

The actor is back in the talks after his appearance in the recent release of Bet+ film, Trophy Wife (2020) where he is seen playing the role of Victor. With his notable appearances and movie roles fans are more interested in his personal life and here is what you need to know about him.

Darren Sirell Cain Wiki, Age & Parents

Darren is an American actor well known among people. The actor’s IMDb profile reveals that he was born in Silver Spring, Maryland which is a suburb of Washington D.C. However he was raised and brought up in North Atlanta Georgia. Cain was born in 1992 and he celebrates his birthday on the 29th of June every year. He is 29 years old and will soon step into his 30s in June 2022.

Cain’s personal details are not available on social media as he seems to keep them private. The actor has not revealed any information about his parents and family. So, his family and parents are uncovered by the media as of now.


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According to Cain’s IMDb profile, he went to Perimeter College at Georgia State University College of Business where he got involved in university theater and arts programs. After he realized his field of interest in the entertainment industry, he decided to forgo the remainder of his degree program and pursue opportunities in entertainment.

Quick Facts About Darren Sirell Cain

Full Name Darren Sirell Cain
Place of Birth Silver Spring, Maryland
Date of Birth 29 June 1992
Age 29
Gender Male
Nationality African-American
Relationship Single
Sexual-Orientation Straight
Profession Actor/Producer
Known For Rift (2021), Trophy Wife(2022)

Is Darren Cain Dating?

Darren is quite concerned when it comes to his personal life and likes to keep it away from the media. The actor however appears to be single as of now. He seems completely focused on his acting as he has been rigorously involved in films for a few years. There are no signs or hints of him dating right now.

Darren Cain's Girlfriend

Darren has never spoken about his relationship status or his girlfriend if he has any. The actor appears to be single right now as he has not been spotted with anyone who could be his potential partner. Moreover, he does not show any signs or hints of lady love on his social media. Cain is also private about his past relationships and there is no information available on the internet about his past girlfriends.

Is Dennise Hayslip Darren Cain’s Girlfriend?

No Dennise Hayslip is not Darren Cain’s girlfriend (at least not of the one we are talking about). Dennise Hayslip and Darren Cain were killed by her boyfriend Charles Victor Thompson on 30 April 1998, when he found out she was dating Darren as well at the time (seems like a name confusion as to the Darren we know is quite alive and intact).

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Net Worth

Darren has already done a number of films and TV shows which has given him exposure in the entertainment industry.  He is duly noted for starring in Rift (2021), First Christmas (2020), Bruh (2020), Prodigal, In Broad Daylight, and The Quad. He recently appeared as Victor in the Bet+ film, Trophy Wife which was released in April 2022. Hence, Cain definitely has done well for himself. Darren’s net worth, however, is not known and there is no precise amount estimated for his net worth. But as an entertainer and maker, working with dedication, he definitely has gathered a hefty sum of money for himself.

Darren Cain as Senior Special Agent Jason Cole in Rift (2021) (Source: IMDb)

Social Media

Darren is active on Instagram. He has 3.5 followers on his Instagram and only 6 posts as per the latest search.