Who Is Wilson Bethel's Wife Liesl Martinez Balaguer? Discover The Couple's Wiki, Age & Relationship Timeline

Wilson Bethel

Wilson Bethel is a well-known figure in the American entertainment industry who became a household name after the roles like Ryder Callahan in The Young and the Restless, Wade Kinsella in Hart of Dixie, and Agent Benjamin in Daredevil. He is best known for his tv series, All Rise. 

Bethel is one of those personalities whose charming aura is enough to garner millions of attention. Out of hundreds of hearts that fell for him, he fell for Liesl Martinez Balaguer. We will be briefing about her later in the article. But, before, let's ponder into the life of Mr. Bethel first. 

Who Is Wilson Bethel?

Wilson Bethel is an American actor and producer born in Hillsborough, New Hampshire, on February 24, 1984.

The actor turned 38 on February 24 this year in 2022 and is a descendant of America.


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The actor has quite famous and accomplished parents. His mother, Joyce Maynard, is a well-known writer. Similarly, his father, Stephen Bethel, is a professional artist. Her mother divorced his father and married Jim Barringer, his stepfather.

Wilson had eight siblings, including the Half and Stepbrothers, growing up.

Along with his notable roles in various TV series, he's also the creator of the Stupid Hype web series. The actor also has ventured out of his acting career as he is the co-owner of a restaurant in Los Angeles named Fat Bethel Burger. Moreover, he also owns Hillsborough Angels, a football team.  

His professional life is embellished with all the goodness. But, his personal life too is no less, as he has been carrying it alongside a very supportive partner, Liesl Martinez Balaguer. 

Who is Liesl Martinez Balaguer?

Bethel and his wife Liesl Martinez Balaguer have been married for a long time and have spent both good and bad times together. Liesl, however, has not revealed her identity on social and she. She appears to be a private woman who prefers to keep her personal and professional lives confidential.

Liesl Martinez and Wilson Bethel
Liesl Martinez and Wilson Bethel (Source: Facebook)

Liesl was born in the Dominican Republic and is a former Latina actress. She graduated from Colegio Barbeque Secundaria and went on to study at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City.

She completed her university education at New York City's Pratt Institute.

Other personal data about Bethel's wife, such as her date of birth, place of birth, age, and even her family, are unknown to the public because she has not disclosed them.

So, how did this beautiful lady meet the love of her life, and how are things going so far? All of these questions are answered beneath. 

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Wilson Bethel & Lisel Martinez Balaguer Relationship Timeline

The adorable couple, so far, has not disclosed much about their first meeting. They both seem to be pretty reserved when it comes to their personal life.

Moreover, Bethel had kept his dating life hidden from the public eye. He kept his dating life quiet for years, and his relationship was revealed only when his mother, Joyce Maynard, posted on Facebook that she spent Thanksgiving with her son and his sweetheart in Los Angeles. 

Wilson Bethel with his wife
Wilson Bethel with his wife, Liesl Martinez (Source: Facebook)

Furthermore, on November 28, 2020, the couple married and officially declared their marriage, taking their relationship to the next level. Charlie Bethel, the actor's older brother, officiated their wedding.

On the other hand, Bethel hadn't revealed when and how he met Liesl, when they started dating, or when they got engaged.

The wedding was memorable for the pair. In a private ceremony, the couple tied the knot and exchanged vows.

The wedding was held in front of a Joshua Tree in the California desert,  which was, unfortunately, unattended by Bethel's mother due to some unmentioned reasons.

However, his mother is fully supportive of her son's decision. The son of such a lovely mother has not yet stopped when it comes to accomplishing professionally, and he is all set to make an exciting comeback this 2022. 

Wilson Bethel, To Be in the Daredevils This 2022?

Daredevil is an American streaming television series based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Wilson Bethel's "FBI agent" is the renowned comic book villain Bullseye in the third season of Daredevil, which aired on Netflix on October 19, 2018.

Daredevil's third season is primarily an origin narrative, focusing on the disturbed man behind the super-villain. And 2022, Daredevils is expected to come back with Bethel in it. Things have not been verified for the release yet; however, fans sit under the expectations to have it by 2022.

However, things are not sure yet. Even if Bethel does not make an expected come back here, he will in some other projects. Recently, Bethel has been reportedly involved in a few of the projects. 

With dedication and ambition as such, the actor garners a whooping net worth alongside. We have you caught up beneath. 

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Net Worth

Bethel makes the majority of his money from TV shows and movies. Wilson has been working in the acting field since he was a child, and his net worth as of 2022 is undeniably impressive. As per celebrity net worth, the 38-year-old actor's net worth is $4 million. On the other hand, nothing is known about the actor's wife, her profession, or her net worth. 

Social Media

Wilson Bethel is also well-known on social media. On Twitter, he has a whopping 117.2K followers actor, and he also has 62.7K Instagram followers. He is rarely seen on Instagram, although he is a frequent Twitter user.