YouTuber Ashy Bines: Wiki, Net Worth, Personal Life, And Age

Ashy Bines

Ashy Bines is a famous YouTuber as well as a professional fitness trainer. She posts YouTube videos influencing and inspiring people to be more fit. Her YouTube channel has been successful to accumulate 129 thousand subscribers so far.

She is the leading health expert based in Australia. She rose to fame after becoming the face of the Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge. It is a Bikini Body 12-week challenge that she started. Her fitness challenge is held in more than 75 locations across Australia, New Zealand, and America.

She recently surprised her husband with the news of her pregnancy. She made the announcement during a family photo shoot on a beach. Her surprise internet announcement has gone viral all over the internet.

Bikini Body Challenge Worldwide!

Bikini Body Challenge Worldwide! Dont miss out join now- Posted by Ashy Bines on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ashy Bines Pregnancy And Kids

She confessed to being pregnant publicly. They were shooting for family pictures. A video caught the moment where Ashy told her husband about her pregnancy. Her husband Steven Evans is seen speechless after the unexpected announcement.

She later posted the video on her Instagram delivering the big news to her 1 million followers. She was captured whipping out a positive pregnancy test to show her husband for the very first time. The heart-warming news brought a shock to his face.

They then rejoiced and celebrated the wonderful moment with one another. The video received more than 213,000 views on Instagram within the first six hours. The couple is receiving piles of congratulations and well wishes. The video brings tears to Ashy's eyes every time she watches it.

She was planning on keeping the pregnancy private to surprise her husband. It was really difficult as she would feel super tired and sick. She still had to show up for her work and business despite her weakness. It was also hard on her first child.

She has already become a mother before this. This is in fact her second pregnancy. She has a six years old son named Taj. He was also present during the photoshoot and revelation. But he had no idea what was going on when it happened.

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Ashy Bines Husband

Ashy is a married woman and happily so. She was barely 19 years old when she first met her husband Stevan Evans. He on the other hand was 28 years old. They first started communicating through online chats and quickly formed a great friendship.

They were online friends for months before they actually met in person. Stevan felt that she was even more special than he could have ever imagined. He had already been working as a personal trainer for many years. But Ashy was in retail jobs, confused about her purpose in life.

He noticed a passion for health and physical activity in her. He then guided her into the fitness industry. The couple has been happily married for 11 years now. They have also been doing business together for the last 10 years. Stevan is proud of what his wife has achieved.

Ashy gives all the credit for her success to her husband. He is the one person after her mom that she can trust with her life. It was a great joy for both of them to form a beautiful family together. Even after more than a decade, the couple still goes on a date every Wednesday.

Ashy Bines Net Worth And YouTube Earning

She is assumed to have a fortune that is worth between 1 million USD and 1.5 million USD. She has an estimated salary of $400,000 manually. She makes approximately $8000 every single week. This is the amount she has earned through her social media career.

She probably does some brand endorsements on her social media profiles as well. As per her YouTube Views, she has been able to make $21.4 thousand so far from YouTube alone. Her channel has received 17,648,836 views as of  December 2021.

Bikini Body 12 Week Challenge

She as a fitness trainer has created various weight loss and fitness programs. The bikini body challenge is one such routine she has created. This routine has been gaining widespread attention across the globe. This one is one of her most viewed and enjoyed challenges.

She has also received criticisms on her challenge though. A young mom from Brisbane has claimed that her fitness recipes were copied by Ashy. She has also threatened to sue Ashy.

Ashy Bines Wiki, Age, Height

Ashy Bines was born on 2 December 1988 in Gold Coast, Queensland but the names of her parents are unknown. She is known for being a fitness model and trainer. She is a social media sensation who has earned many fans over the years. She posts her fitness-centric content on her Instagram as well as her YouTube channel.

Being born in 1988 makes her 33 years old as of 2021. She approximately stands at the height of 5 feet and 7 inches. Ashy weighs 56 kilograms. Her fitness job sure has given her a super fit and attractive physique.